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Find best Indian saree collection in Italy at Bharatsthali. Find Indian sarees in Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence and almost every part of Italy.

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  1. AISHANI - Pure Silk Saree

    Rs. 8,414.15 Rs. 9,899.00
  2. ABHITHA - Pure Authentic Silk

    Rs. 10,539.15 Rs. 12,399.00
  3. AMODINI - Pure Silk Saree

    Rs. 10,624.15 Rs. 12,499.00
  4. ANVITHA - 100% Organic Silk

    Rs. 10,454.15 Rs. 12,299.00
    Out of Stock

    ATHULYA - Pure Silk Sari Border

    Rs. 11,755.50 Rs. 13,830.00
  6. CHANDRABHA - Pure Silk Saree

    Rs. 11,266.75 Rs. 13,255.00
    Out of Stock

    CHARUSHEELA - Pure South Silk

    Rs. 9,566.75 Rs. 11,255.00
  8. DAKINI - Pure South Silk

    Rs. 9,604.15 Rs. 11,299.00
  9. DHUNI - Organic South Silk

    Rs. 10,650.50 Rs. 12,530.00
  10. DIVIJA - Organic South Indian Silk

    Rs. 10,650.50 Rs. 12,530.00
  11. DYUTHI

    Rs. 8,287.50 Rs. 9,750.00
  12. AARUNYA - Pure South Indian Silk

    Rs. 12,962.50 Rs. 15,250.00
    Out of Stock

    ELAKSHI - Pure Soft South Indian Silk

    Rs. 13,387.50 Rs. 15,750.00
    Out of Stock

    HIRANYA - Pure Handloom Silk

    Rs. 10,709.15 Rs. 12,599.00
  15. KARVI - Pure South Indian Silk

    Rs. 13,259.15 Rs. 15,599.00
  16. KIMAYA - 100% Handloom Silk

    Rs. 12,664.15 Rs. 14,899.00
  17. KUSUMINA - Pure Handloom Saree

    Rs. 11,049.15 Rs. 12,999.00
    Out of Stock

    LAVANTIKHA - Pure South Cotton Saree

    Rs. 3,655.00 Rs. 4,300.00
  19. MANISHITHA - 100% Handloom Silk Saree

    Rs. 13,430.00 Rs. 15,800.00
  20. MOHINI - Pure Handloom Silk

    Rs. 13,175.00 Rs. 15,500.00

Items 1-20 of 225

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Indian Sarees in Italy at BharatSthali

There is something unique about Indian handloom sarees in Italy. An extraordinary rawness in waw silk saree and imperfection of the hue, the rustic yet refined motifs and the brush strokes defining the efforts and patience that has gone into creating that masterpiece. Each saree at BharatSthali is different and a class apart.

This is the pinnacle of beauty, one saree at a time! Even with the same colour theme and motifs with linen sarees, no one saree for Italy from India is similar to each other! Every saree is a piece de resistance! In a bid to uphold the traditions in the most relevant and contemporary manner possible, Bharatsthali brings an extensive collection of sarees online in Italy. Whether you like murals, traditional floral designs, theyyam patterns or looking for something with an Egyptian influence, here are the sarees adorned with elegant Kanjivaram silk saree patterns.

Latest Trend in Silk Sarees in Italy

The Pattu silk sarees grabbed the spotlight when Aishwarya Rai made a grand entry in a peacock-slash-butterfly inspired gown. Aishwarya’s gown was embroidered and hand-paintedand took 3,000 hours to complete! At Bharatsthali, you can find exquisite and elegant Pattu silk sarees in Italy that are designed to let you put the best foot forward!

Shop for silk, cotton and linen saree with us and get doorsteps delivery across the Italy! International shipping is available at nominal costs.