5-best Hairstyles to Compliment Your Saree

Saree Hairstyles

Best Hairstyles with Saree Like footwear, hairstyles are an integral part of your style. You can enhance your look by just doing your right. Now, regardless of how you are wearing your saree- traditional or contemporary quirky-, a solid hairdo will take your sartorial choice to the next level! HairStyles with Traditional Sarees At Bharatsthali, while offering you the best sarees online, we also make sure that you have best how-to and style tips available handy! We covered footwear here but an easy and trendy hairstyle is needed as well to make you look the diva you are! hairstyles for sarees - traditional

Low messy bun!

Heavy Hairstyles for Sarees Wearing a backless saree? Why not flaunt it by keeping your hair loosely tied up around the back of the neck? Backless saree hairstyles You will need a hairspray and bobby pins to keep it in place. If you are tall or have a chubby face, avoid wearing your hair in a front puff as you can end up looking way taller and rounder.

Take the middle road

If you want to flaunt your medium-hair length, this look is just the perfect for you to complete your look! Blow dry your hair for the volume and wear it as is. You can create a side puff with the help of a bobby pin or two to add to the dramatic appearance! Simple hairstyles for Sarees This hairdo works well if you are wearing a sleeveless blouse or a boat neck blouse. If you have a pronounced jawline, you can sport this hairstyle with pretty much any blouse and saree combination.

In India, do as the French do!

Women are not just crazy after French kiss, they love French braids too! Though, it is totally a different story that French braid was originated in Algeria, but who cares? This French braid is perfect for every face type! No matter what is the occasion and what’s your blouse style, this hairdo is the perfect pick to complete your look. Wear star-studded floral jewellery for an enchanting look! Pattu Saree Hairstyles with silk saree

Look simple and so...different!

Simple Saree Hairstyles Have thin hair and don’t know what to do with them? Well, this hairstyle not only lets you play with your hair but also adorn it! Use bobby pins to style your hair in the small braid in the front and in the back, use a gajra to wrap the loose ends! Have you ever seen a beautiful way to tie the loose ends? For a special effect, blow dry and let the curls fall over your shoulders!