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    Shopping handloom India sarees online is easier and hassle-free than ever! Finest of handloom in silk & cotton with a multitude of hues, design and patterns are offered to you by BharatSthali. BharatSthali has come up with an exclusive Handloom saree brand in India. People often call us etsy of India for premium handloom sarees.

    697 products

    697 products

    Village Handlooms Online on BharatSthali

    A hand-woven and handcrafted pure silk handloom saree have its unique charm. The irregularities of the thread, the sheen and texture tell you a million stories. Speaking eons about the persistence, hard work and efforts of the weavers and artists, the time, which was well-spent to blend, weave and tie and dye the threads together. Only to hand over the seven yards of elegance-carefully wrapped handcrafts online with love, emotions and perfection.

    What Makes Handloom Silk Sarees a Must-Have?

    Yes, it is easier to get the machine-work in sarees. Fake versions of traditional Indian saree have such striking resemblance to the original ones that it is difficult to tell them apart. They are much cheaper as well. However, if you have some time, just walk to your wardrobe and take the good of Handloom silk from Kanjivaram or Banarasi silk handloom of your mother or grandmother. You know what we are talking about. We are talking about the emotions, grace and elegance associated with the saree. The textured imperfections of a cotton saree in handloom weaving, which bring out the best in you and embrace each body type, hiding its flaws but highlighting the beauty.

    When you buy a handloom craft, you don't pay for a saree. You pay for the stories these sarees are going to tell over generations, even when you won't be around to tell them. You pay for the hard work and efforts the weavers and artisans have put in usually for over a year and 10 hours a day. We have Bengal handloom as well Kanchi handwoven saree crafts available direct from village based weavers online for domastic and International customers.

    Handcrafted Perfection of Timeless Treasures

    Bharat Sthali comes together with weavers and artisans to bring you such unique marvels of handloom. From online silk sarees to cotton, Jute Sarees, Jamdani Uppada to Banarasi silk, Handcraft Dharmavaram to Odisha sarees, here is doing the bit to keep the tradition alive.

    Why BharatSthali for Handloom Sarees in India?

    Living in times, where wearing a little black dress or an Anarkali suit seems in trend, sarees have managed to create an indelible expression. Still, a woman draped in a handmade cotton sarees online makes heads turn in awe and appreciation. With all the eyes on her, she looks like the perfect woman, one can ever be. The best part is you don’t need to have a body time to flaunt a saree. Indian handcraft radition is all-embracing and so is its heritage. You don’t need washboard abs, toned thighs and perfect butt to wear a saree! The stripes and bands of sarees would take your style quotient to a completely new level.

    The handcrafted fabric crafts online are perfect for every occasion. Be it a semi-formal event, a romantic dinner, a conference or a night out with girls party wear sarees, you can rock a saree whenever or wherever you would want to.

    Flaunt your saree with a matching pair of earrings, a set of bangles, a neat hairdo and a comfortable pair of heels or flat. Honestly, wearing a saree is all about you. Create your personal statement and let the world admire you from a distance.

    Browse online for sarees, explore the selection and drape yourself in the best of yarn that is exclusive and unique the way you are.

    Latest Handloom Sarees Collection with Price

    Handloom Sarees List:

    1. Orange Handloom Saree in Raw Silk with Blouse
    2. Magenta with Golden Handloom Silk Saree with Blouse
    3. Blue Handloom Saree with Jute Pallu in Raw Silk
    4. Jade Print Linen Handloom Saree with Blouse
    5. Black Linen with Checks Handloom Sarees
    6. White and Yellow Linen Fabric Handloom Sarees
    7. Black with Maroon Linen Fabric Handloom Sarees
    8. Pure Cotton Fabric Black Handloom Sarees with Blouse
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    Common questions about Handloom weaved saree online?

    What is the handloom saree?

    Handloom means there is no electrical energy involved while making the fabric instead handloom is a fabric that is woven on a loom that uses mechanical energy of the weaver. Generally, handloom weaving is executed at India's village industries. The handloom are made from silk or cotton threads where all the process of thread colouring and warping were outsourced and weaving was done by the weaver.

    You can buy handmade saree for your mother or plan a pure handcraft Indian saree for your sister, they will be delighted and love to wear these pure Indian village crafts.

    How long does it take to Prepare a handloom silk saree?

    Drying a handloom saree post wash takes time and patience. Due to the absence of electrical machines, all weaving work is processed by the weaver, so it takes 5-8 days to prepare a silk saree. Sometimes, wedding saree takes a month to get prepared for someone special who wears it. In fact, every saree is made with love and care to make a story for each saree during generations.

    How to wear a handloom weaved saree?

    Nevertheless, the aura and the comfort that the sarees with handloom weaving is soothing. Tuck the end of the cotton or silk saree (non- pallu end) on the right hand side and bring it around the waist to the back side, Now take the pallu of the saree and drape it around the person over the chest and back once fully keeping the hands outside. Use the traditional loom saree with a bell-sleeved blouse.

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