Kalamkari Sarees Online on Bharat Sthali

    Traditional kalamkari sarees are a sheer delight! A treasure trove of an art form dated back to 3000BC, the kalamkari sarees are simple, elegant and ethereal. The word Kalamkari can be traced to the Persian language in which Kalam means pencil and Kari implies the craftsmanship. The designs are drawn and filled by hand using a pencil. The entire kalamkari work is done manually. Though as much simple it may sound, Kalamkari is an art that involves at least 17 steps including but not limited to block printing, dyeing, hand painting and many more. The art form originated and flourished in Andhra Pradesh where people used the walls as a canvas to draw local folklore and religious tales using a chalk or pencil. Like any other local art forms such as Madhubani and Sambhalpuri, a kalamkari art tells stories that we can listen to and become a witness for all our lives! The patronage of Brits in the 18th century helped to flourish the arts. However, it was only in the Mogul rule that the art got its due. You can still see the influence of moguls on the artwork.

    Hand-Painted Kalamkari Sarees Online

    The traditional handloom kalamkari sarees see a depiction of short stories and murals from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas and Panch Tantra. The hand painting and dyeing make Kalamkari sarees a class apart. Depending on your preference, you can go for kalamkari sarees with work on pallu and borders or overall.

    Classy and Elegant Kalamkari sarees Online on Bharatsthali

    Bharatsthali Kalamkari sarees are woven only using natural dyes. Whether you are looking for kalamkari silk sarees or kalamkari work in silk cotton, cotton or tussar silk, here is everything that you are looking to give your wardrobe an artsy vibe! Ikat kalamkari sarees available here are the perfect example of exemplary Srikalahasti or freehand kalamkari style, which is monochromatic in nature and is done using a sharp bamboo or pen. If you are fond of wearing your style statement on sleeves and love a bright, bold and beautiful statement in the name of a saree, go for kalamkari appliqué in Machlipatnam style. This style sees the use of organic dyes, fermented jaggery, date wax, palm stick, organic astringents, buffalo milk, flower fragrance and indigo dye to illustrate the artwork and craft on the saree. The entire process, irrespective of the handiwork style, remains organic, natural and completely devoid of chemicals.

    Hand-painted beautiful cotton and silk sarees with Kalamkari work

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