Dr. Khadi Sarees Online

Bharatsthali brings a wide variety of Dr. Khadi sarees online. These handwoven weaves of pure Khadi by Indian village artisans are sourced directly from the weavers and brought to you at no extra cost by us. We are a fair-trade and for-profit enterprise, but we don’t have any middle-sales network.

61 products

61 products

The great Indian Saree by Dr. Khadi collection at your fingertips

Having partnered with weavers and artists in Orissa and Bihar directly, we ensure that the quality and purity of our handloom weaves of Dr. Khadi are what we promised and what you expect them to be. We work with our design and weave team to bring you bespoke intricate yet mesmerising Dr. Khadi design also in cotton and silk fabric.

Working directly with our weaves also give us space to understand the trends and style preferences of our customers. While we believe in respecting contemporary sensibilities and comfort the customers prefer, we place our firm trust in the roots of crafts. So, while you see Dr. Khadi sarees online available at your fingertips and delivered to you in a week, it still represents the authentic Odia culture and hallmark of an ikkat Sambalpuri design such as phula (flower), chakra (wheel), and shankha (conch). Not to forget the classic tie-and-dye in vibrant shades of red and black depicting the face colour of Lord Jagannatha.

At Bharatsthali, you can buy dr. Khadi sarees online in traditional motifs as well as with the latest trend of landscapes, and portraits.The artists also weave the story of Krishna Leela, Lord Rama’s conquest, and slaying of Ravana, and turn the fabric into a precious canvas. While in Orissa, it is an integral part of religious and festive occasions, the world has taken a liking for the intricate Bihar weaves.

Dr Khadi is a Global Uniform Now

The Dr. Khadi sarees found its patron in the late Prime Minister of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi. She had an important role in popularising these affordable and comfortable dr. Khadi cotton sarees. Later, the weavers diversified their portfolio and branched out for better adoption, more sustainable livelihood and versatility. The sarees were just the beginning, and now you have handloom dress materials online and Sambalpuri dupattas too!