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Sambalpuri sarees are handwoven sarees, known for their elaborate designs and motifs like like shankha (shell) and chakra (wheel). Its a widely popular saree among handloom cotton saree lovers. Sambalpur has been categorized as a major saree making art of India.

22 products

22 products

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Sambalpuri pure silk sarees at BharatSthali are crafted using tie and dye method in a unique pattern. The weavers ‘tie’ or as colloquially known- ‘bandha’ the fabric in the desired pattern to protect it from dyeing. The tied parts of cloth don’t absorb dyes and thus, reveal the pre-conceived design on the final product. Bandha often is created with extra warp and weft lending the weave a unique thick look. The patterns are extraordinarily detailed and crafted with extreme precision. The Sambalpuri sarees online India designs are available in the silk-cotton blend, cotton, silk and mercerised cotton.The silk dress material is weaved using the same pattern with pure tussar silk or mulberry thread.

Sambalpur Saree Collection with Trust of Purity

The single ikkat and double ikkat variants are in trend in Sambalpuri While the saree primarily remain in the traditional red and black, we have these Sambalpuri ikat sarees online in different shades and designs. Our Sambalpuri cotton saree is the perfect pick for every occasion. Whether you are looking for everyday office wear that is comfortable yet stylish or something special to wear for a get-together with your BFFs,our Orissa Sambalpuri sarees online is your best bet!

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