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BharatSthali comes together with Banaras weavers to bring a bit of royal aura to your wardrobe with these Banarasi Sarees. Presenting you with only the authentic Banarasi Saree from the weavers of Varanasi, Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Chandauli, Bhadohi and Mirzapur, we promote fair trade and natural dyes in Banaras Silk sarees as recommended by IIT-BHU and the Weaver Association of Uttar Pradesh.

211 products

211 products

Banarasi Silk Sarees Online on BharatSthali

BharatSthali joins hands with weavers from Banaras to bring you the most valuable possession in a woman’s wardrobe - Banarasi Saree! Every woman’s dream, a Banarasi saree is the prime example of India’s Ganga Jamuna tehzeeb. The art of weaving silk and gold zari flourished in Mughal era, which until now is cherished by every woman, especially brides. Religion, age and politics, all cease to exist when it comes to the opulent silk saga of Banaras. The handloom silk for Banaras sarees come from South India. With Persian and Mughal motifs like bel, kalga, leaves or jhallar, zari, detailing of silver brocade and gold brocade, a Banarasi saree India can take up to weeks, months or even a year to prepare.

Latest Trend in Banarasi Sarees

The weaving of a Banarasi saree is intricate and intense. The design is prepared beforehand on the paper and sometimes, might require over a thousand perforated cards. At least three people are required to realize the weaving process. An expert artist should be there to focus on the weaving of the silk yarn, one to dye it and another craftsman to bundle the prepared thread.

The famous Jamdani sarees are also a variation of Banarasi silk, in which silk brocade is stitched with cotton. A Banarasi saree with a customized or royal design might take a few years to prepare.

Silk Resplendence at Your Fingertips

At BharatSthali, you have all four varieties of Banarasi saree including organza in zari and silk, georgette, shattir and pure silk or katan. The range also covers Banarasi silk design such as cutwork, tissue, tanchoi, vaskat, jangla and butidar.

The Banaras silk sarees India online come up with a certificate of authenticity to make you feel assured that your money was well-spent on an original product. We value your faith and hard-earned money as well as understand your efforts towards buying a handicraft. So, rest assured that whether you are buying Banarasi Jamdani silk for your daughter’s trousseau or want to upgrade your wardrobe to the royal style, you only get 100 percent original Banarasi silk saree online only on

Create a royal magic for yourself! Shop for Banarasi silk saree online on BharatSthali and get authentic silk sarees delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in India or the world! The charm of traditional handwoven Banarasi silk is beyond words and time. An heirloom for the posterity and a prized possession for you, a Banarasi silk is forever. Banarasi silk saree is meant to complement the happy days of your life! Want to perk up a routine day, wear a Banarasi saree to overwhelm with you its sheer exuberance and opulence.

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