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    Who doesn’t love tussar saree, especially a tussar silk saree with its rich gold texture that brings the best of us on every special occasion! The soft feel of tussar silk comes from the golden-yellow silkworms that breed in the wild and not on mulberry trees.

    15 products

    15 products

    Tussar Sarees Online on BharatSthali

    The durability and versatility of tussar fabric make them a popular choice. India happens to be the second largest producer of tussar silk and an exclusive producer of tropical tussar, also known as Indian tussar, which is mainly produced by the tribal. It allows your skin to breathe and isn’t too cumbersome to carry as the pure silk while offering the same sheen as the original.

    Latest Trend of Sarees in Tussar

    Tussar sarees are also famous as Kosa silk sarees. A large extent of it is produced in Bhagalpur and Mysore and also known as Mysore silk and Maheshwari cotton saree too. Two of the most popular designs of sarees in Tussar fabric are West Bengal’s Kantha stitches and Orrisa’s Pattachitras. Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand tussar are getting popular day by day. Identifying original Tussar fabric can be really difficult and this is why it is recommended that you always buy sarees online from a trusted source.

    The Nine Yards of Comfort and Grace

    Bharat Sthali is your one-stop reliable style destination to revive your wardrobe and add some fresh traditional hues to it without breaking your budget. The high-quality Indian work wear sarees in Tussar fabric is available here are definitely the best outfit for you if you are looking forward to attending an official ceremony, a boardroom meeting or a personal dinner just after the work hours.

    The lustrous feel of Tussar silk is not just superficial, for, it also has short fibre length and also offers high wear resistance as well as durability.

    Whether your choice is work sarees or fancy sarees for your special moments, rest assured that the new makeover and new traditional garb you are looking for is available at Bharat Sthali at pocket-friendly prices.

    What’s So Special about BharatSthali’s Tussar Silk Sarees?

    Feel like a million bucks and get a confident silhouette without going overboard and at pocket-friendly prices! Buying Tussar silk saree online at Bharat Sthali make the cut for you in each department. Customer satisfaction remains the bottom line of our business value and Saree online shopping with us is always a delightful experience. However, if there is something such as the colour or texture of the received product that is not as per your expectation, you can always bank on our 15-day ‘no questions asked’ return guarantee! You can exchange the product or get money back in some situations. This you would definitely not get on your favourite saree store online or offline.

    Visit Bharat Sthali and get these finiesh handcraft online delivered anywhere in India. Tussar silk fancy sarees can also be given as gifts to your loved ones on anniversaries and birthdays to make their special moments golden and memorable. Find a range of pocket-friendly and high-quality tussar sarees online on and get free delivery.

    Comon questions about Tussar saree?

    What is Tussar Silk?

    Tusser and also known as (Sanskrit) Kosa silk. Its a type of silk belonging to the type of species of silk worms that breed on wild forest trees.

    What is tussar silk saree?

    Tussar silk is skin friendly fabric, so its saree is organic and comfortable as it absorbs the moisture from the body. Its rich texture and natural gold colour makes it akin to a natural treasure which is passed on as inheritance popularly by women of the household.

    How to wear Tussar silk saree?

    Now there are ample variations of these sarees as well to help the contemporary women look gorgeous. You can wear it in traditional Indian style too or make it madern with sexy backless blouses available online.

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