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You must be planning to import Rattan furniture from India. Bring a piece of culture and tradition of India to your living room with Bharatsthali (Direct Manufacturer and Exporter). If your dream home idea is a space adorned with sustainable and eco-friendly rattan or wicker furniture, you are at the right place. Clean lines and modern designs make Bharatsthali Export’s cane furniture a must-have. The ‘less is more’ minimalism and indoor-outdoor furniture focusing on quality and design make our furniture the best value for your money.


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List of Cane / Rattan Furniture by BharatSthali

Cane Chair

Cane Baskets

Cane /Rattan Dining Table

Cane Sofa Set & Table

Fine Quality Indian Cane / Rattan Furniture Import / Export & Manufacturers

Whether your requirement is less or more, give us a call and we will be glad to assist you and provide bespoke furniture on your request.Our expert team is always ready to help you with your requirements, queries and concerns. Call us at or write to us at .

Rattan Drawing Room Furniture

Best quality rattan cane furniture for your drawing room.

Rattan Cane Chair

BharatSthali - An art work by real Indian artisans for your home.

Cane Furniture for Indoor and Outdoor

Cane Furniture for Indoor and Outdoor

BharatSthali offers world class cane furniture for your requirement.

Importing furniture from India is Easy Now

You must be looking to import rattan cane from India. We are direct rattan furniture Manufacturers in India. Importing furniture from India was never this easier and cost-effective. We employ local artisans and offer fair-trade furniture directly sourced from them without any middle channel involved in our cane furniture manufacturing.


Contact Us for More Details:  +91 89 503 32603


List of Countries Importing from India

  • USA - Highest No of Importers
  • Europe - Importers are looking for Good Products
  • Australia - Finding Importers in Australia
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Netherland
  • Japan
  • New Zealand - Importers are finding us
  • UAE & More
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