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Ikkat saree is widely known for it handwoven textures in India. BharatSthali brings you an exclusive handpicked collection of ikat sarees online. Ikkat or ikat is a dyeing technique that utilizes resist dyeing to pattern textiles.

18 products

18 products

Ikkat Silk Sarees Online on Bharat Sthali

The blurriness of the ikkat designs make them unique and, it consumes time. The multiple and complicated patterns and colours are intriguing and difficult to achieve. In fact, since ancient time, sarees in Ikkat design are a prized possession of art lovers and textile collectors due to the beauty and blurriness of the textile sarees Double ikat designs are intensive and involve more manual efforts and make them even more worthwhile to have them in your wardrobe.

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We, at Bharat Sthali, bring you ikkat sarees from every part of India. Whether it is Pochampally from Telangana, Patan of Gujarat or Sambalpuri ikat from Orissa, authentic handlooms is waiting for you to be explored, at your fingertips! Don’t go anywhere, and don’t ever worry about your hard-earned money not buying you an authentic fabric. Shop from the comforts of your surroundings and choose your favourite ikkat saree.

Available in different colours and authentic patterns, ikkat designed sarees are the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe with a traditional vibe. The sarees are a perfect way to turn the heads at a social do! Whether it is a semi-formal event at your office or you are planning to spend a romantic evening with your loved one, ikkat silk sarees on Bharat Sthali are just the way to go.

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Browse through and choose your pick. Shop now and get your order delivered to your doorsteps! Regardless of where you are, in India or the U.K., France or Japan, U.A.E or Denmark, you can get a bit of Indian tradition, right where you are! Online saree shopping India on Bharat Sthali also has its perks such as options of a 7-day returns guarantee and Cash on Delivery.

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