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Shop for Madhubani Sarees Online India on Bharat Sthali without paying a fortune. Since the sarees are sourced directly from the weavers and artists in Mithila, you don’t have to pay extra to cover the costs of middle channels.

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2 products

Madhubani Sarees Online on Bharat Sthali

Our savings are passed on to you to keep this beautiful tradition alive! Madhubani is originated from a place in Bihar called Mithila. Mithila is also the native place of Goddess Sita and no wonder, the paintings have highly symbolic and depict several mythological tales. In Madhubani sarees, some of the finest paintings are carved on the pallus and borders of the sarees! The motifs of fish, the sun, trees and bamboo are carved using wooden brushes.

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Madhubani paintings on sarees are handcrafted and the manual efforts make them exclusive. Not one Madhubani saree is alike! The intricate patterns and rich art lend these sarees a rustic charm. Using the natural dyes procured by materials like turmeric, indigo, sandalwood, rice and charcoal; the motifs are carved to give you an exquisite piece of art to wrap yourself in.

Explore the Bharat Sthali Madhubani saree collection and revamp your wardrobe with rich Indian art! Perfect for every occasion, these sarees can be your choice for a semi-formal occasion, a romantic day out and workwear! Complement your look with a neat hairdo, minimal makeup and beaded jewellery.

Ethinic Comfort and Grace

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