Bharatsthali Banarasi Dupatta Online: A blend of tradition, mystic and gaiety for your wardrobe

Here we have lots of Banarasi dupatta collection at Bharatsthali online collection. Banaras is the sacred scape that lingers on the metaphysical. The link between reality and illumination, the timeless juncture of three worlds. Banaras ki shaam, kachori and weaves- these subliminal icons of brilliance and beauty are both paradox and parable. The lanes laden with marigolds, earthen lamps and jasmine-unlocking a new temple at every nook and corner and the zari and brocade patterns that flourished in Mogul reign.

13 products

13 products

The soul-stirring details, the fluid backdrop of vivacious colour and the traces of rich legacy, to have a Banarasi saree and dupatta is the dream of every woman out there. It is an endless affair that never runs out of steam.

One Stop Destination for Banarasi Dupattas

An office-goer person would prefer a solid-colour kurta would a contrast-colour Banarasi dupatta delicately embroidered on borders. The overall gold-yellow paisley-embroidery on green silk dupatta is the go-to option to complete the evening look for a wedding. Just let these dupattas fall naturally over your shoulder. Designed to amplify your look, these can be draped as a scarf, chunni, shawl or wrap. And we aren’t just talking about weddings! You can wear these Banarasi dupattas with kurtas, dresses, lehengas, skirts and palazzos to bring a dash of touch and colour to your everyday outfits.

Bharatsthali Banarasi Silk Dupattas: Add a dramatic flair to your ensemble and create a winning look

At Bharatsthali, we aim to bring the legacy of Banarasi weaves at your fingertips and to the doorsteps. The weaves from the back alleys of Banaras find their way to your home with our tech-enabled platform. Banarasi weaves epitomises the paradox and parable once again, as these pedantic skilled artisans are happy tracing the threads with the sound of khat-khatof a pit loom rather than revelling in and making peace with the joyless machination.

It is the gold standard of handloom that gets all glitter with us. With worldwide delivery, GI tag and the Silk Mark India- here are the dupattas that have the contemporary charm and a dash of the legacy for handloom patrons. We source our handloom dupattas to preserve the purity of these most beautiful weaves.

What makes Bharatsthali’s dupatta collection a must-have for you?

We are a fair-trade market. Collaborating with the weavers in Banaras has brought us a range of dupattas in silk, art silk, satin, mashruand sico in the tempting shade of hues that can beat the rainbows in the skies in vivacity. At Bharatsthali, you can find a dupatta of your choice and for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a zari-woven silk brocade dupatta with heavy embroidery to complement your wedding lehenga or a simple yet classy piece, an intricately patterned Banarasi silk dupatta or a quirky animal print motif to go with your wraparound skirt, here’s the cultural diversity and drama you have been looking for in traditional embroidery.

Bharatsthali’s Banarasi silk dupatta collection is the India reboot. A collection that honoursIndia’s traditional sensibilities and matches contemporary elegance- the perfect go-to option for the quintessential woman of today who is on a lookout for vivacious hues, legacy patterns and a quirky way to don tradition without sidelining her experimenting side. It is a timely investment in timeless pieces of Banarasi weaves that don’t need much money or maintenance like their counterpart sarees. You don’t need to think about an occasion to wear them either.These dupattas can be worn daily and anywhere. If you are not comfortable wearing intricate heavyweight patterns, you can choose lightweight art silk dupattas with border zari embroidery.

We are ‘Vocal for Local’!

Pick our ‘Make in India’delicate and feminine Banarasi dupatta for your traditional or semi-formal attire and make a style statement!