Are You Wearing Right Footwear with a Saree?

Footwear with a Sare

saree footwear by kangana Most of us think that only heels can go with a saree. By this logic, ladies who can’t wear heels due to a medical issue or aren’t comfortable in them, can’t wear a saree at all! This perception needs to go! We, at Bharatsthali sarees, believe that wearing a saree must be about confidence, attitude and traditions and not about conforming to the stereotype the society wants you to believe! designer footwear with sarees Here, we bring you the lowdown on different footwear for saree so that you don’t keep on postponing wearing a saree because you can’t wear heels! Don’t make your choice of footwear an Achilles heels for your sartorial choices! white saree footwear by Shilpa Shetty

To Heels or Not to Heels with Saree

saree footwear shoes Have you ever seen your grandmother or mother wearing heels? They do wear sarees though, right? Honestly, heels give your saree the perfect grace and look indeed. However, casual platform heels are a big No! Don’t pair your saree with peep toes and stilettos that push your toes to the front. It kills the elegance and looks a bit hurried choice. Besides, such pairs aren’t comfortable and can ruin your gait. Always choose footwear that is anti-skid and comfortable. In case, if you are wearing a saree for the first time, a poor choice of footwear will make you even more conscious and uncomfortable. Instead, you will do just fine with embellished mojdis and Kolhapuris! wedding saree footwear

Kolhapuri Chappals Footwear with Saree

Kolhapuri Chappals footwear with saree Much like sarees, the Kolhapuris are versatile. You can wear them with a pair of denim and can sport them with a saree too. These chappals come in a variety of heels and based on your comfort level, you can use to complete your saree look. In fact, Maharashtrian sarees-Nauvari is traditionally worn with Kolhapuris only!

Mojdis / Jootis with Saree

jooti footwear with saree Mojdis are so underrated as footwear. These beauties keep your feet comfortable and can be sported with any outfit. You can also wear jootis with a soft silk saree. Choose from embroidered, plain and beaded patterns to go with your outfit. A jooti doesn’t come with heels and usually are available as slip-on. Mojdis with saree Footwear doesn’t have to make saree a complicated choice. They should be treated as an accessory to your overall ensemble and not something that can break or make the way you look! Wear your outfit with confidence and a smile, that’s all you need to make a divalicious appearance in a saree!