Best five linen brands in India! (Top 5) Never go Wrong with Linen Fabric

Never go wrong with linen shopping. Shop from these best five linen brands in India!

There is increasing trend in Indian fashion market to choose the best linen Brand for summer season. The mere mention of a crisp and fresh piece of linen fabric is capable of transporting you to a beach. A bad hair day, bad mood, warm sun rays, a wardrobe dilemma – nothing freshly laundered linen wear can’t set right. With the wind caressing your skin and you being at your fashionable and comfortable best, the rest seems insignificant.

Linen Brands in India

Linen has rarely been statement-worthy, but linen wins hands down for those who want to wear a minimalistic and comfy summer dress. With linen slowly invading our wardrobes to become a staple, it is important to know where to buy linen in India! We understand that linen is the talk of the town, but we would like to clear some misconceptions about the fabric that can ruin your investment. For instance:

Thread count vs yarn thickness:

A high thread county doesn’t necessarily mean better quality of linen fabric. It is important to understand that a dense linen fabric will fare better than a thin linen piece.


Linen is relatively cooler, more robust and exceptionally durable.Let’s put linen’s durability into perspective. The paper used in currency is printed on linen fibres. Still, they are prone to linting, wear and tear. So, steer clear of pets when you are wearing your linen shirts. While linen fabrics are durable and timeless, they are not meant for heavy-duty use. It should be washed with hand. It is prone to stain and shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight to dry.

Look and feel:

Linen fabrics absorb moisture and have a boxy feel. Unlike cotton, they don’t stick to skin and thus, have a ventilative property – making linen clothing an ideal as summer wear. However, they tend to wrinkle and feel a bit coarse against the skin. If you want to wear them to a formal occasion, choose a blend of linen-silk or linen-cotton. The coarse feel of linen fabric goes away with wash cycles.

Given the convenience and comfort linen fabrics have to offer, they are a must-have for your wardrobe. However, it is imperative that you choose trustworthy brands that give you value for money. Don’t worry. We have done the hard work for you! Here’s the lowdown on the best linen brands in India you can purchase from without any hesitation! 

Here is a List of Top 5 Linen Brands in India

Bharatsthali: Several Indian brands are changing how the youth of India dress up. One of such brands is, Bharatsthali, asking young India to adopt slow and sustainable fashion. The brand is 100 per cent Indian and has carved a niche in handloom sarees online. This family-run business is now working hand-in-hand with Indian artisans to offer youlocally-sourced, natural,fashionable and comfortable linen clothing. This omnichannel retailer brings linen fabric and linen sarees online in India and worldwide to your doorstep. So, whatever your sartorial goals are, casual or formal, the brand brings you versatile and timeless classics that go a long way to give you a fashionable edge. The brand’s fair-trade ecosystem keeps the fabrics, sarees and linen kurtas reasonably priced and 100 per cent authentic.Go to them if you want to pick both style and sustainability. A must-have is their beautiful and authentic range of made to order or ready to wear linen apparel for both men and women.

KAVERi: KAVERi is the home to contemporary linen dresses. If you are looking for edgy and classy linen clothing for women, your search ends here. The brand has international stores in France, Spain, Kuwait and Turkey. Shop for silhouettes that are body inclusive and embrace body types without judgement and 100 per cent comfort.


Linen Club: Women’s clothing in India has always been an evolving market – embracing and including contemporary trends and traditional sensibilities. The men’s fashion market has always been a different story. Linen Club fills that void in men’s wardrobes by giving them tailored and ready to wear apparel through their online and retail outlets across the country.


Cottonworld: Cottonworld brings natural, comfortable and locally-sourced linen clothing for men and women. The brand takes pride in offering a range of modern and contemporary lines of timeless linen clothing that is eco-friendly and sustainable.


Amala Earth: The brand is your one-stopshop for eco-friendly and community-driven products,including ethnic and western linen wear. Browse through the website to take the first step towards sustainable living.


India is no stranger to sustainable and natural living. Adopting linen wear can help you do good towards nature and skin. Shop linen wear in India from these brands that source locally and ship internationally.