KarwaChauth Special Sarees: Look your best!

KarwaChauth Sarees

Thanks to Bollywood, KarwaChauth isn’t limited to bea North Indian or Punjabi festival anymore. It is now glamourised and widely popular. Every married woman and a bride-to-be wants to look her best on this day when she fasts for the well-being of her husband. The evening is the time when the drudgery of fast starts wearing off and the eagerness and anticipation of golden moments show on their faces. Bharatsthali brings you a special edition of KarwaChauth saree to woo the heart of your special someone and make your special moments even more special! From silk to linen and from kalamkari to art silk, here is the abundant treasure trove that you can choose from! This beautiful art silk saree lends a balanced look to your Karwachauth style. If you are working and won’t have much time to change, this art silk saree is the perfect choice for both workwear and festival! KarwaChauth Blue Silk Saree Kanjivaram silk saree is an elegant choice for any festival. The broad zari border and bright solid colour make a Kanjivaram saree the perfect pick for an occasion like Karwachauth! Its every fold and twist bring an unmatchable traditional look to the fore. Complement your look with floral jewellery to balance the bling and bring an ethereal appeal to your outfit. Kanjivaram silk saree

Karwachauth at its Best!

Glow and shine in this beautiful Karwachauth special saree. Lightweight yet bright, this pure crepe saree is the perfect choice if you are working on Karwachauth and won’t have much time to get ready in the evening. This saree has win-win written all over! Go ahead, win the world in the day at work and come back home to win the heart of your partner! Just re-touch your makeup and you are ready to conquer! beautiful Karwachauth special saree If you want to keep it understated sexy and very subtle, we have got just the saree for you! This Karwachauth saree is just the perfect choice to restore some elegance and class in a topsy-turvy ecosystem intoxicated on the bling! The jute pallu has zari stripes and a multi-colour pattern that syncs with the festive theme while retaining the elements of your personal style quotient. beautiful Karwachauth special saree Let Karwachauth be a special day with these special Karwachauth sarees! Complement your look with different blouse neck designs and matching jewellery. Don’t hold back, don’t fear experimenting to bring forth the best of you!