Latest 15 Different Types of Blouse Back Neck Designs

Style Alert: Latest Stylish blouse back neck designs

A saree, on its own, is a quintessential outfit. Complete a blouse and petticoat, a saree is designed to steal hearts and turn heads. While women pay their undivided attention and focus on choosing a saree, little do they think about a saree blouse. The poor little fellow stays ignored until they learn that it is crucial to make or break the look. But until then, it is too late. back neck blouse designs

15 Different Types of Blouse Back Neck Designs

The fashion police are all over you for committing a major faux pas. To help you with the next outing and not let you commit any fashion blunder, here is the 15 latest saree blouses back neck designs!

Why the back neck, you ask?

Usually, a saree’s grace and its fall depend on the clothes, which you are wearing with it. A saree blouse has to be flexed and stitched sharp to give you ample support and enhance the curves. In a traditionally stitched blouse, you see a front panel of hooks and two pleats for a better fit. This is why you are left with back to do an experiment and make saree draping more fun and trendy. Also, don’t you want your exit to be as dramatic and stylish as the entry? So, here we go! Have a look at the latest saree blouse back design and get ready to rock the saree!

Mirror, mirror on the back neck designs!

Take the beauty of your saree to a completely new level with a mirror work saree blouse. Taking inspiration from the tribal Gujarati and Kutchi style choli-blouse, here is a beautiful design that you can surely include in your wardrobe. You can choose to have overall mirror work on the blouse just like in a garba lehenga choli for plain solid colour sarees. back neck design catalog

Is it a bra? Is it a blouse?

Reinvent the traditional blouse to a barely-there choli-blouse! Let it do a peekaboo with your sexy backless and flaunt your toned body. The perfect choice for soft silk, silk linen, georgette and chiffon sarees! Don’t forget to scrub, bleach and polish the back for that special dramatic celeb-like effect! Bra or Back Neck Blouse

The sheer and sexy blouse

Twist the traditional blouse and take the sexiness of the saree to a point of no return! The colour-block and see-through net with lining work in tandem to bring the sexy back neck to the saree. Wear it for an after party, romantic night out and wedding receptions! sexy back neck blouse design

Hotness redefined for the street style

Yet another picture of sheerness and sexiness! A completely viable option to strut around the streets without side-lining the style you so identify yourself with! A must-flaunt if you are the bridesmaid or attending a wedding reception in saree. The perfect idea to let all eyes be on you! Indian back neck blouse design

The two-faced classiness

A traditional-cut blouse crafted out of chanderi and brocade, this saree blouse gives your grandmother’s Kanjivaram saree a modern update. Boxy in the front but goes the sexy way in the back. Goes well with a lehenga skirt too! simple blouse back neck designs

The festive edition

If you are in a festive mood already, you can’t just miss out on this. Sequin-y and shimmery, this back neck blouse design sets the mood and vibes right. Adds depth to an otherwise plain and solid colour saree! Perfect for a day event and a balanced look when you don’t want to go over the top with the bling! blouse designs back neck indian sarees

Bling galore! - blouse back neck designs with borders

There is nothing called too much bling. So, here is a saree blouse back design that works on the same lines. Beautiful and all shimmery! Not to mention the sexy peephole that brings out both playful and proper to the saree! blouse back neck designs with borders

Keep it traditional - silk saree blouse designs back neck

We are living in times when fusion and contemporary rules the roost. However, the beauty and class associated with an out and out traditional outfit remain unmatchable and unique. The same holds true with this blouse with a traditional cut. Classy and charming, all the way! Perfect for traditional Kanjivaram silk and Banarasi sarees! silk saree blouse designs back neck

The chic and contemporary appliqué

Goodbye dull. Hello, fun! Here’s how to stir things up in the blouse department! If you thought, you can be any more feminine in a saree, you are in for a surprise here! The dainty appliqué makes a sexy appearance and the beads panel keep things in check! Perfect for the contemporary chic vibes without skimping on the traditional aspects of the saree! Goes back neck with linen, silk linen, georgette and chiffon sarees. blouse back neck designs photos

A contemporary update to the traditional style

Rework your way to the top of style ladder with this classy blouse! Works with lighter fabrics and heavier fabrics such as silk and soft silk. Perfect to spice things up in the classiest manner possible! The dori on the top keeps the blouse out from a catch-22 situation! It keeps the blouse as is and gives a better shape as well as support. back neck designs for blouse

Tassel it up!

Topped off with tassels in the back, this blouse is a winner at your hands! A made in heaven match for your Banarasis and Linen sarees alike! Besides giving a stylish appeal, the tassels and fringes on the dori keep the back neck blouse design as a failsafe option even if it is too deep a cut on the back. back dori neck design

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Don’t trust us, see for yourself! This next-door girl look is all there for you to try! Works every time, in every setting and with every saree! Features a classic front hook panel and thus, a better support and silhouette than the designer blouses. pattu saree blouse back neck designs for marriage

Top it up with style and oomph

Rock the tube top with drawstrings on the back for a contemporary saree draping style! You can adjust the strings for a proper fitting! Win-win, isn’t it? Goes well with lighter fabrics such as chiffon, georgette and linen. georgette saree blouse back neck designs