Linen vs Khadi. Which is better Linen or Khadi? Why Linen is so expensive.

Difference Between Khadi and Linen

Khadi is hand spun and handwoven. It is spun using a wheel, or ‘charkha.’ The cotton fibre is turned into yarn on the charkha and subsequently woven into a fabric.

Linen vs Khadi

Khadi is only manufactured in India

Linen, on the contrary, is spun and woven mechanically. It is derived from the stem of the flax plant.

Linen is more global and adapted fashionably.

Cost factor

Khadi is cheaper than linen.

Linen fabric is more expensive because of its process to yarn and fabric processing.

Which is a more sustainable fabric? Khadi or Linen

Khadi is the only fabric that is still hand-spun and hand-woven. Hence, it has a low carbon print, just what the doctor ordered for the fashion industry infamous for filling landfills and responsible for 10  per cent of global carbon emissions.

Which is a sexier and more fashionable fabric?

While khadi and linen are seen as regular, everyday fabrics, designers and apparel manufacturers have experimented with blends and changed their fall and feel. So, you have blends and different varieties that let you go from work to party mode in a jiffy sustainably and comfortably.