Lo and Behold: Alia Bhatt in a Saree

The Gorgeous Alia in Sarees

Alia Bhatt has proved her mettle in acting over and again. Being a perfectionist, she is, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she turns up in her sartorial best. In the latest crop of stars, perhaps, she is the only one who can often be seen sporting a traditional saree and ruffled jeans with equal aplomb. Recently, in Akash Ambani’s engagement ceremony she chose to dress up in a jacquard saree and sent us into a tizzy! Here, let us look at the top-5 looks of Alia Bhatt in a saree where she looks like a dream and makes us yearning for more! https://twitter.com/zeecinema/status/840612338826936320

The Colour of Perfection: Alia in Pink

Talk about amazing with a capital A! Alia goes traditional in this beautiful brocade-jacquard Kanjivaram silk saree. She keeps her accessories minimal, with only jhumkas and floral jewellery to accentuate her look. Though, you would love how she doesn’t skimp out on her oomph and pairs the six-yarder with a contemporary, cut-shoulder blouse. Perfect for a modern woman like her! Alia Bhatt in Pink Sraee Alia Bhat is Looking adorable in Pink Saree https://twitter.com/AliaaHolics_/status/1012334609009467392

The Million Shades of Grey

Alia Bhatt in this steel grey colour is the vision of delight! If you thought that your blouse should be of a different colour than the saree, she settles the debate right here. Alia seems to be fond of cut-shoulder design and a contemporary backless, which can be seen here as well. The strategic glitter pattern on the saree gives the drape a stylish edge. Sans any jewellery and with smoky eye makeup, she pulls up a look of our dreams! Alia Bhatt Ambani Wedding

Alia Bhatt - Tip Tip Barsa Pani

Alia Bhatt recreates the magic of Raveena Tandon as she sways on the magical ‘Mohra’ saree in a somewhat similar yellow saree. Her chiffon saree paired with the similar shade of ruffled-sleeve blouse is an ultimate symbol of grace and class. Learn from her how to pair a monochrome saree without skimping on the style game. alia bhatt saree in tip tip barsa paani

Watch Alia's performance on Tip Tip Barsa Paani here:

Fly Away

Alia chooses to appear in a silk saree with little birdie prints and a tasselled end. Leaving us behind yearning and secretly wishing that she’d ditch denim and shift dresses altogether to make sarees her go-to style statement. As always, she keeps her look minimal without dropping her sartorial game. She completes her traditional avatar with a pair of temple-style jhumkas and ties her hair in a neat bun. The sleeveless blouse is a shade darker and gives her traditional look a dash of contemporary. alia bhatt in saree

The Ever Stylish She

Her on-screen traditional style also speaks aeons about her personal style. Just like her off-screen appearance, she keeps her saree looks on the screen minimal and very traditional. Ali bhatt stylish saree Though, it doesn’t mean that she can’t pull off a feisty one! Here she can be seen in a velvet off-shoulder blouse paired with a net saree. The sequins on a blouse keep it company and add depth to the overall ensemble. Of course, we like her chirpy, traditional and bright sarees more! https://twitter.com/PrernaVarun_dvn/status/455585622808219648 Alia Bhatt sporting a saree is a testament to the fact a six-yarder is going to be a part of Indian fashion scene like always. Be it generation X or generation Y, an Indian saree is a way of life and is forever! So, what is stopping you from wearing a saree to your off-screen events and on-screen ones? Make saree your workwear and a go-to option for weddings, pujas, ceremonies and whatnots!