As #SareeTwitter trends online, people wear their love for saree on sleeves!

Finally, it happened! After #jhumkatwitter, there came #sareetwitter that took the Twitterverse by storm. Users from all walks of are sharing their pictures of draped in nine yards of elegance! And we can't just have enough of it! All of them are sheer gorgeousness and it is such a shame that we can't have all of them! But we still have a few listed out that floored us over and made their way right into our hearts!

Saree Trending on Twitter

It happens only on Twitter that a saree transcends all boundaries and becomes gender-fluid attire. It is almost surreal (it feels so good) to see saree decolonizing the norms, body types, sex and nations and transcending all the barriers only to bring out the best in you and make you feel special! This time, saree broke the cis-het norms and emerged as all for one and one for all, in its truest sense. Equal rights activist Harish Iyer donned the saree and made us wonder if we look half as graceful as he does.

Sonam Ahuja on Saree Twitter

Sonam Ahuja, gave it a before and after twist as she posted two pictures.

sonam ahuja saree

Sonam ahuja saree twitter

Nikaytta is a saree researcher, who took the Twitterdom down the memory lane and shared how this beautiful attire was once called ‘immodest’ and has survived a rollercoaster ride of colonization and Victorian rules to stand there where it is today.

Nikaytta saree twitter

And here’s the versatile Ayushmann Khurrana! He posted a still from his upcoming movie and as usual, floored us over! Looking like every ‘pados wali aunty’ gossiping and preaching over a non-issue!

And even Amul, the brand that is quite famous for its wordplays and puns, couldn’t resist it!

Ayushmann Khurrana Saree Twitter

And even Amul, the brand that is quite famous for its wordplays and puns, couldn’t resist it!

Amul brand saree twitter

And joining the party is Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who shared a photo of her wedding day! Her throwback picture elicited quite a few responses, especially the one when she nudged her husband to take her to date night!

Priyanka Gandhi vadra on saree twitter

And here is the famous author, Sharell Cook wearing a traditional authentic handloom Behrampuri silk saree from Odisha!

 Sharell Cook in saree twit

And last but not least, a wonderful reminder of that you can walk, run, hop and hug in a saree!

And if you still need some convincing to do, here’s a vintage photo of pilot Sarla Thakral who commandeered the Gypsy Moth aircraft- all while wearing a saree!

Sarla Thakral saree twitter