Style Update: Trending Saree Kuchu Designs

Saree Kuchu Designs

Kuchu designs or tassels as they are popularly known adorn the ethnic wear in an exquisite manner. Not only the sarees but also the stack of dupatta, shawl and kurtis flaunt the handcrafted tassels. These tassels make the outfit more presentable and beautiful while adding a lucid and feminine to the edges. Earlier, women used to craft it as a pastime using zari, crochet, silk threads and cutwork but now, as every handloom art, it is limited to the weavers and artists who are keeping it alive. Here, we bring you top and trendy Kuchu saree designs for you to see! simple saree kuchu design

Traditional Kuchu Pattern

The traditional kutchu design patterns are simple and in the form of a stitched strap on the edges of a saree. They are usually done with a cotton thread and a needle.traditional kuchu saree designs

Floral Motif Kuchu Design

These tassels are inspired by the motifs on the saree. They could be similar zari motifs stitched with silk threads or something similar to cotton pads stuffed inside and garbed in the same fabric as of the saree.Floral Motif Kuchu Design

Leaf Motif Kuchu Design

The Kuchu design in this pattern looks akin to an autumn leaf. With hanging beads and crochet pattern, this Kuchu design looks even more fantabulous. Leaf Motif Kuchu Design

Floral crochet and pearl Kuchu

These are thread-based floral designs adorned with dainty matching or contrast beads placed strategically. Beautiful and classy, this saree Kuchu pattern adds a touch of luxury to the entire ensemble.Floral crochet and pearl Kuchu

Pearl Kuchu

The half-moon embellishment with pearl makes for a very beautiful pattern, making a bridal saree even more luxurious and precious!

New-age tassels

The spiral or the vertical pattern of beads, doris, fabric and ‘laddus’ to a blouse or the edge of the saree. These can be in the same colour or contrast colour to accentuate the beauty of the outfit. New-age tassels on saree

Stone kuchu design

In bridal sarees and precious silk sarees, you can often see a series of stone-studded Kuchu pattern on the edges stitched together with the help of silk threads. It is a time-consuming process and increases the cost of the apparel.Stone kuchu design

Matching kuchus

Matching kuchus are a brilliant way to enhance the value of a saree. Taking a hint from the embroidery or motifs on the overall body of the saree, it extends the theme to the edges of the drape and enhances the traditional appeal.matching saree kuchus designs

Colour block tassels

The tassels in different colours bring class and beauty to a saree. It could be crochet, stones, silk thread or beads in the completely different colour scheme than the rest of saree. Such a Kuchu pattern can be usually seen on a linen saree or jute silk saree with a pastel colour scheme to enhance its brightness and design.Colour block tassels Here’s all you need to know about saree kuchu designs. Give your sarees the wonderful extensions of these handcrafted beauties. With this edition, we have covered almost every kuchu and tassels design for saree out there. We would like to know which one you liked?