The Lyrical Traditional Muse: Vani Kapoor in a Saree

Vani Kapoor in a Saree

You must have seen Vani Kapoor sporting flouncy dresses, denim and shorts. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise that she looks gorgeous and super sexy in a saree too! Here are top-5 looks for Vani Kapoor in a saree, handpicked especially for you to take a style cue or two. Dig in to learn and understand how to stay at the top of your sartorial game while wearing a traditional attire like a saree. Like a boss!

The Gold and the Glitter Vani Kapoor

Bollywood actress Vani Kapoor looks scorching hot in Indian ethnic saree! The Kanjivaram saree paired with a deep cut blouse take the traditional drape to a new dimension. Her plunging neckline does a great favour to her already great jawline. She wears light makeup, temple jhumka, bangles and floral jewellery to complete the look. And boy, does she nail it? Vaani Kapoor Saree Blouse design

The Wonder of White

Combining the magic of sheer, net and appliqué, Vani Kapoor in a saree looks super-hot. Paired with a similar off-shoulder sleeveless blouse, this saree is perfect for making a grand appearance or waltzing on a red carpet. Either way, she brings her top-class style game and we certainly aren’t complaining. Vaani Kapoor in Sexy White Saree

An affair with traditions

Just when you thought the new generation of Bollywood can’t sport anything traditional without mixing the modern with it, here’s Vani breaking the notion with this Kanjivaram saree. She keeps it simple, very next door like and wins our heart again with her sartorial choice. The colour-block works and the completely contrast hues- green and purple, though an odd choice, come across as a striking pair. Vaani Kapoor in Gold Kanchipuram Saree

The blue skies. The grey cloud.

Isn’t this the most wonderful thing you could see? It is about to rain, and you are sipping coffee in your balcony, with not a worry in your mind? Vani Kapoor in a saree is such a beautiful sight. The two completely different colour forms a pre-draped saree that hugs her in the right places and accentuate her curves. Sans any makeup and jewellery, she lets her exquisite six-yarder do the talking. vaani kapoor sexy in saree

The monochrome magic

Vani Kapoor works the monochrome in a beautifully pleated saree. It is not the first time we are seeing monochrome as the first choice for a gala, but it is the pleats that garner our attention. Her choice of red lipstick and a bindi brings out the beauty of the black and white saree even more. Here as well, she chooses to sport a traditional look with a mix of fusion sans any jewellery. Vaani Kapoor Saree Photo Vani Kapoor in a saree looks like a dream. Whenever you think that a new-age woman won’t be able to rock a saree, she proves you wrong and seems to be more stylish and classier than before. What do you think? Do you like her saree style? Does Vani Kapoor in a saree inspire you to include saree in your wardrobe? We are eagerly waiting to hear from you! Let us know in the comments!