Top 5 Backless Blouse Design for Sarees! Check them out!

The Backless Sarees Styles

backless sarees designsThe best thing about wearing a saree is that it never goes out of fashion and is never outdated. In fact, the older it is, the more beautiful you are going to find it owing to the emotions and memories attached to it. Besides, you can always pair it up different blouses and accessories to make it look new and refreshing! When it comes to backless blouses, we are talking about a whole different dimension of ethnic wear. A backless saree is tantalising and scandalous. Wearing a backless blouse with a traditional Kanjivaram saree is treading on the delicate territory while maintaining the balance between tradition and contemporary! It is so tempting, isn’t it? backless sarees blouse

Top 5 backless saree looks

Bharatsthali brings you top 5 backless saree looks so that you don’t have to fret over the designs when you are looking to sport one for your next saree appearance! Backless sarees designs sexy sarees Priyanka Chopra sets the heart racing in this beautiful barely-there blouse! It works wonder and brings out her toned body. Her curves are something to die for! Note how she has paired almost two solid and mute colours together and still look sexy! Once again, she doesn’t wear any jewellery and let her sensuality and confidence speak for her. backless sarees designs Priyanka Tammanah Bhatia looks ethereal in this beautiful turquoise yellow saree, which she pairs up with a nude-turquoise net blouse. It accentuates her looks and keeps everyone guessing! Such a beautiful combination of bold and classy backless saree! She completes the look with matching bangles. backless saree designs in India The Bollywood hottie Kareena Kapoor has proved her mettle in both acting and fashion department. She can carry both western and Indian look with same panache! She sports same colour backless blouse and manages to look fantastic! Note how every actress is going easy on accessories.

Backless Sarees are Trendy

backless sarees designs bollywood Both on-screen and off-screen, Katrina Kaif has worked so hard to come this far. Her style sense has improved immensely and she is much confident now. She wears this backless red color saree for a shoot. While the saree is nothing to write home about, the overall combination with backless blouse is sheer and saucy! backless sarees designs Katrina Kaif Deepika Padukone can be seen here with none other than King Khan. You can’t just take your eyes off, can you? Sporting a beautiful and an elegant backless blouse design with floral jewellery, she looks so perfect! Almost fairy-tale perfect. backless sarees designs Deepika Padukone