Why a saree is sexy?

Saree is sexy

sexy saree style At Bharatsthali, we believe that a saree is beyond sexy. It is sultry. It is simple. It is sensuous! It is everything that you would like it to be! It embodies you and takes the form of your personality and attitude. We bring you 5 reasons to further emphasize why we believe so! A saree isn’t wrapped around your waist. It becomes you. It shows your happiness and radiance if you are happy. It becomes trendy and elegant when you want it to be. Sexy outfit look in saree Since time immemorial, Indian women are wearing sarees. It has become our cultural representation in a global scenario. Unlike western dresses, you don’t need to have a certain size or body type. You can rock a saree the way you want to and when you want to! A saree highlights your curves and hides your body flaws. Look Hot Sexy in Saree

Look Sexy in Saree at Workplace

A workwear saree is all we have heard of but can you wear western gowns and shift dresses to a puja? You can’t! A saree is a versatile outfit and can be sported for any occasion and at any day. Be it a reception or wedding, be it a puja or boardroom meeting, a saree is meant to embrace all of you! A saree doesn’t have to be traditional. It can be artsy, contemporary or experimental. Whatever your styling preference is, it plays along with you. This risqué number by Shilpa Shetty isn’t a gown, ladies! It is a saree that is worn in a matter that it is barely recognizable as a six-yard drape now! saree is sexy The six yards fabric from India is a team player. Whether you want to dress conservative or bold, you can complement one saree with a number of blouses, jewellery or footwear. It just doesn’t get old or so last season at all! In fact, older the saree, more vintage and prized it is! Saree is Sexy in India A saree is for the years to come. Kanjivarams, pattu and Uppada sarees are considered an heirloom and for generations. The silk sarees, if stored and used well, serve as memories that linger on for years. It doesn’t count as hands-me-down but as a token of love and treasure handed down to a worthy member of the family.

Celebrity Sexy Saree Look

Hot Sexy Saree Design To put in Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs. Funnybones’ words- a saree is non-judgmental, accommodating and forgiving in nature. Aren’t these qualities enough to make a saree sexy?