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    Baluchari saree is loved for the mythological depiction of Mahabharata and Ramayana on pallus. Once an everyday attire of women in and around West Bengal and Bangladesh;is now a prized possession of saree lovers all over the world. It takes two weavers more than a week to craft an authentic Baluchari silk saree.


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    Vibrant, smooth and lustrous- the handwoven Baluchari sarees at Bharatsthali are everything that a saree symbolizes. Deemed as the pride of Bengal and a must for ceremonies and religious affairs, this saree adds a dash of festivity and tradition to your wardrobe. These handloom weaves are crafted with the purest of silk yarn, shiniest of threads, magnificent of patterns and require painstaking efforts. Capable of turning out to be your most-treasured wardrobe staple, the Balucharis could be low-keys, something that can be worn daily or a potential dreamlike ensemble reserved for special occasions.

    The evolution of Baluchari Sarees

    The advent of Baluchar happened much after muslin. The tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana replaced the square designs and paisley motifs of the British and Mogul era. The weavers used to craft and depict the day-to-day life of people in the Mogul era, such as women smoking hookahs, binoculars, steamships,horse carriages and the officers of the East India Company.

    The sarees are produced in Bishnupur and has been approved for the geographical indication in India.

    History of Baluchari Sarees

    The art of Baluchari is 2,000 years old and originated in Murshidabad. It gets its name after a small village, Baluchar. The art flourished under Murshidkuli Khan, Nawab of Bengal, who promoted the art and brought it from Dhaka to Baluchar. The production suffered a setback in the Brit era and eventually, become a dying art. Subho Thakur, a famous artist, re-cultivated this art with the master weaver from Bishnupur, Akshay Kumar Das.

    Explore the Range of Baluchari Sarees at Bharatsthali

    Initially, the saree was made from tussar silk, and now it is available in cotton and silk. At Bharatsthali, you can discover:

    Baluchari silk sarees: The Baluchari silk sarees are the simplest and most elegant ones. These are crafted and weaved with single colour thread.

    Baluchari meenakari sarees: These sarees have multiple thread (more than two) work and meenakari work that enhances its look and pattern.

    Baluchari swarnkari sarees: The weaves in these sarees are done in silver and golden zari, illuminating and enhancing the overall pattern of the saree.

    Organic Baluchari sarees: These are also known as Baluchari cotton sarees and are a step closer to slow; sustainable fashion India’s handloom is known for. The cotton fibres are spun with banana fibresand bamboo shoots. The dyes are derived from natural sources such as indigo, neem leaves, basil leaves, Jamun, turmeric, mangoes, marigold flowers, pomegranate peels and seeds.

    Exquisite and elegant, the Baluchari saree online collection at Bharatsthali is worth checking out. Pair it up with a top-blouse to exude contemporary-meets-conventional feel, or sport the traditional purple and red sareesfrom our collection! Buy Balucharisarees online and avail doorsteps delivery across the world. You can use debit cards, credit cards or net banking to pay.