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    Bandhani dupattas are an extraordinary piece of art. The art of bandhani is a highly evolved and skilled process that requires immense efforts and patience. The fabric is tied with the help of a thread at several places and is dyed manually. The method of tying corroborates with the patterns. All the famous Bandhani Dupatta patterns such as chandrakala, mothra, ekdali, baug, and shikari involve different techniques of tying with the threads.

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    Bharatsthali bandhani dupattas online: the tying, dyeing and everything in between

    Our bandhani dupattas are available in their signature colours of red, green, yellow, black, and blue. Since bandhani is all about tying and dyeing, our dupattas are dyed using natural colours that are derived from plants and fruits.

    One Stop Place to Buy Premium Bandhani Dupatta Online

    Bharatsthali ensures that our weavers have equal opportunity to earn and showcase their craft. We have partnered with our weavers directly and hence, we not only implement rigorous quality checks on the fabrics but also have made sure that there is no middle channel between the weavers and their patrons. This is why when you buy Bandhani dupattas online at Bharatsthali; you pay what is justified and reasonable. There are no costs attributed to compensate the sales channel towards the end customers, and we can guarantee that our prices are considerably lesser and our handloom products are cost-effective.

    Shop for Rajasthani Bandhani Dupatta Online with BharatSthali

    Bharatsthali has collaborated with the weavers across Gujarat, Sindh, Rajasthan and Tamilnadu to bring forth a selection of authentic bandhani dupattas and sarees. The vibrant shades of bandhani dupattas add glitter to your wardrobe. If you are looking for a piece of clothing that is versatile, respect your traditions without snatching away the contemporary chic you love, a bandhani dupatta is a must-have for you!

    You can wear it with your favourite pair of blue denim, a white kurta. You can sport a print-on-print or go for a colour-block effect, with a bandhani dupatta online the styling choices are infinite! Bandhani dupatta offers you a multitude of styling options, ranging from contemporary to fusion and traditional.

    Different forms of Bandhej: Around the world

    The roots of bandhani tie and dye can be traced back to 4,000 BC. The pieces of bandhani fabrics were found at the remnants of Indus Valley Civilisation and in Ajanta Caves depicting the life of Buddha in its most prevalent dotted pattern. In Japan, similar tying and dyeing are called shibori. It is mudmee and tritikare in Thailand and Malay, respectively. In India, bandhani is known as bandhej, piliya, chungidi, patori, ghar chola and khombi in different regions and states where it is done extensively. In Gujarat, the tie and dye work is done in Saurashtra by the Khatri community.

    Similarly, in Rajasthan, it is a household name and is fondly called bandhej. In Rajasthan and Gujarat, tying and dyeing is a family business, and family members are deeply invested in their ancestral profession. Here, bandhani is a means of employment and prosperity. Its different colours have unique meanings and are used to denote one’s status in society. However, not so long ago, Bandhani was considered to be the women’s pastime within the boundaries of home. Since women weren’t allowed to step outside their homes, they would stay back and dye their clothes using threads and natural colours.

    Fast-forward to today, the detail and skill-intensive process of tying are done by women in the family. In contrast, the men of the household are involved in labour-intensive work of dyeing, re-tying and re-dyeing of the fabric.

    Even today, bandhani is dyed using natural colours and done manually.

    Why should you buy bandhani dupattas online at Bharatsthali?

    We are a fair-trade and for-profit enterprise. We believe in equal opportunity for all. Our collection comprises bandhani dupattas that pass the test of quality and purity. Our selection of dupattas online only is available in natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, sico, jute, linen and linen-silk. The bandhej dupattas at Bharatsthali are durable and easy to maintain.

    So, don’t wait and buy bandhani dupatta online at reasonable prices and give your wardrobe a colourful splash of tradition! Our dupattas online can be customised and are available for bulk purchase to upon pre-order. We offer worldwide shopping and doorsteps delivery. You can pay via debit card, credit card or net banking.