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    Here we have some premium Indigo Dupatta online. Bharatsthali indigo is the range of handcrafted indigo dupattas online. A variety of dupattas and stole collected at one place, at your fingertips and delivered to your doorsteps, in a vain effort to collect the vastness of blue speckles the colour indigo represents.

    22 products

    22 products

    Indigo colour dupatta at Bharatsthali: Find your shade of blue

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    His eyes were that colour you can’t see in the rainbow. Indigo


    What is Bharatsthali indigo?

    Available in mashru silk, sico, pure silk, Chanderi silk, Kota silk, Kota Doria – here are the fashion picks that bring you a few steps closer to tradition without sidelining contemporary chicness. From bagru print to handblock, from hand-embroidery to Ajrakh print and from madhubani to crinkled abstract-here are the indigo dupattas in every colour, print,pattern and style imaginable.

    What makes indigo dupatta special?

    The second colour of the rainbow, indigo is the colour somewhere in the middle of blue and violet and has the attributes of both colours. In psychology and tarot, it is the colour that represents a higher level of consciousness. It is considered to be the colour of skies, intuition and perception. In the ‘new age’ thinking, indigo represents a sharper mind that inspires you to see beyond the normal. It is the intuition, sixth sense and the colour of sincerity. It is believed that an indigo person loves structure and adheres to the blueprints, quite literally. They don’t like things or changes that can throw them off balance. Colour psychologists use the colour to spark creativity and spatial skills during their consultation. In the world of theatre, the colour indigo is the colour of drama.

    On a design’s visible spectrum level, and in simpler terms, it can be described as a deep midnight blue colour. In the universe of colours and chromatherapy, it is referred to as the colour of dignified humility, fairness and impartiality, and this is why you often see the hospitality industry or school uniform in this colour. It is also recommended as a colour for serene ambience such as hospital room, spas, bedrooms and study where you wouldn’t want any distraction. Tae Yun Kim describes indigo as cleansing and its effect on the body as purifying especially when fears and obsessions have grappled one’s mental well-being.

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    It is the overwhelming blue pigment you sometimes could spot in the sky and become mesmerised with. Withstanding the concept of blue sky, the indigo in Ajrakh symbolises the vastness of the universe. The stark blue-black-violet pigment of the sky with a contrast of twinkling stars is indigo for you! Alicia Bailey,while describing metaphysical, psychological personality typesused indigo to represent mature love, love that has a tinge of wisdom in it. Psychics believe that indigo people often have a career as an animal caretaker, counsellor or computer analysts.

    In India, more specifically, in Bengali literature, Nil Darpan or Indigo Revolt is referred to the farmers’ revolt against the British Raj’s exploitative policies of sowing indigo in the fields. Latin for Indian, Indigo was initially referred to the dye of the same name. It has been around since the Roman and Greek era, but its origin is now attributed to India. It rolls in the mysticism, the serenity and the royalty of India into its sombre shade.

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    The natural indigo dye for Bharatsthali dupatta is extracted from a mix of lye and fermented leaves of tropical plants. This solution is moulded into cakes and turned into powder. The beauty of indigo dupattas online is its rustic feel and pattern design. Indigo dupattas can be paired with gold-yellow kurta for a classy royal look. Or you can wear it with a red top for a colourblock effect. Wear it with a white kurta, or a top if you are looking for failsafe contemporary and clean wardrobe choice. Our indigo dupattas are hand-woven and naturally-dyed. We are a fair-trade market and a direct manufacturer. We also take bulk orders for indigo dupattas online and customisation requests for embroidery and print. Buy indigo dupatta online at Bharatsthali and complete your wardrobe now. These dupattas are easy to maintain and forever.