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    2 products

    Dhakai Jamdani Saree Online on Bharat Sthali

    Dhakai Jamdani sarees are a pure delight. Using the most time-consuming and most laborious weaving technique, Dhakai jamdani is a piece of fine Muslin. An interweaving of threads on muslin makes these sarees unique and provides them an unmatchable elegance. The threads are weaved manually and form decorative motifs such as boots, kalka or paisley, panna bazaar, jhalars and fulwar. The ‘panna hazaar’ or a thousand emeralds are believed to be a most expensive version of jamdani sarees.

    Shop Pure Dhakai Jamdani sarees with BharatSthali?

    The weaves are delicate and beautiful. Jamdani Uppada sarees are so delicately woven that they even fit in a matchbox! Similarly, you have Gujarati jamdani Patola saree, one of the costliest and in fact, also the finest too! The weaving is done inside out. The uppada pattu saree can be worn on either side.

    One Stop Destination for Dhakai Jamdani Sarees Online

    The most famous among Jamdani sarees is Dhakai jamdani. Originally of Persian origin, this weave flourished in Mogul period and sooner faded into oblivion as the cheaper fabrics started to make their way into the market. Also, weaving a jamdani saree is a thoroughly manual process and is not exactly easy in the pocket. The rich patrons also sidelined the art and as a result, it was no longer in demand.

    However, this timeless art has catapulted itself into as the most prized possession a woman can have in her wardrobe. The gray and white yarns are used to weave motifs on Jamdani and are the traditional benchmark of the Dhakai saree. These days, cotton-silk blend or pure silk is used to bring the exquisiteness out of the weaving process.

    Why BharatSthali for Dhakai Jamdai Saree?

    The elegant motifs on jamdani pattu sarees indicate the temple motifs and have religious symbolism. Jamdani sarees are available in silk and cotton and are a must-have for your every wardrobe. You can buy Jamdani sarees online with the guaranteed satisfaction with pure silk and pure linen fabric.

    The Dhakai saree fabric is airy and comfortable on which the weave seems to float. It can take two weavers over a year to complete one jamdani saree.

    Complete your traditional look with a set of heavy gold jewellery, complementing the festivities. Tone it down with a messy hair bun, minimal makeup and a matching pair of footwear.

    Don’t forget to avail online saree shopping options like Cash on Delivery and a 7-day return guarantee on the selected products.