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    The kalamkari dupattas online at Bharatsthali are your next step towards sustainable and slow fashion. We are a fair-trade market and source our wholesale fabrics online India, handloom sarees and dupattas online directly from weavers and artisan. Our weavers use only natural dyes derived from plants and spices for colouring. The signature mustard yellow colour of kalamkari comes from pomegranate peels whereas the red and red-brown comes from the bark of madder tree. The black colour for kalamkari outlining is obtained from soaked jaggery and iron screws.

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    Bharatsthali kalamkari dupatta online: Weave a magical story for your wardrobe

    Apart from bringing you the collection of hand-painted kalamkari sarees and blouses, we bring you the selection of Kalamkari dupatta and stoles that make you the protagonist of the story you want to live and tell. Kalamkari came into existence with the wandering mystics, painters and folk singers who would travel from one place to another, telling stories to the commoners. These stories were translated into pictures on clothes using the best means available for drawing and colouring, which were tamarind twig and colours derived from plants or fruits.

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    The art of kalamkari isn’t a new-age phenomenon. However, the glossy dupattas are. The traces of kalamkari art can be found in the fabric pieces found at the Mohenjo-daro sites, but it flourished under the Mogul reign and was referred to as qalamkari by them. The Brits also took a liking to it and no wonder, the European still swoon over kalamkari sarees and tops.

    There are two types of Kalamkari art, mainly Machilipatnam and Srikalahasti. The former is a traditional block printing coupled with hand-detailing of temple architecture, wildlife, and motifs.

    Premium Range of Kalamkari Dupattas with BharatSthali

    Our weavers and design teams also entertain customisation products, and you can send us your request for wholesale buy or customised paintings here. We offer worldwide shipping and doorsteps delivery because nothing should come between a wonderful kalamkari dupatta and you- not even geographical boundaries or time zones.

    The GeetaGyan of Mahabharat or the wedding of Ram and Seeta, the fish and the squirrel or only abstract pattern when looked into may translate into the tree of life or sometimes don’t make sense at all-kalamkari is the celebration of life from every walk of life. An ancient style of handpainting gets the much-needed contemporary makeover with Bharatsthali dupatta. Kalamkari translates into the craftsmanship of pen. The ancient art of hand painting done with a tamarind pen using natural dyes, the craft involves almost twenty-three steps of dyeing, block-printing, bleaching, and drying and so on. The paintings often tell a mythological story of divine characters or take a cue from nature.

    The latter, however, is the coherent and more directform of kalamkari that has epics from mythology and folklore depicted on the fabric. While the Machilipatnam style of Kalamkari originated in the Machilipatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, the Srikalahasti is done in Gujarat.

    What makes Bharatsthali’s kalamkari dupatta online unique?

    Bharatsthali brings a range of Kalamkari dupattas online that adds a touch of vibrant hues and extraordinary story-tellingto your wardrobe. If you are looking for a versatile piece of clothing that you can wear from desk to the dusk and is every bit a traditional part of clothing while maintaining your contemporary sensibilities, these kalamkari dupattas online are what you need for your wardrobe. You can wear these dupattas with your solid colour kurtas, sport them with your indo-western skirt and blouse or team them up with your favourite t-shirt and a pair of denim.

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    The dark and vibrant shades of kalamkari dupattas and the extraordinary hand-painting narration kick up the style quotient of your wardrobe by a few notches. Add the artistic vibes, contemporary chic and traditional handloom weave within a few clicks! At Bharatsthali, we have included both Srikalahasti and Machilipatnam painting style, and this is why you have no lack of options! Since we source our fabric and dupattas directly from the weavers, you don’t have to pay for additional middle sales channel and hence, reasonably-priced. It also allows us to have rigorous quality control over the handloom products.

    So, don’t wait and buy kalamkari dupatta online at Bharatsthali and give your wardrobe the much-needed handloom love it deserves! You can pay via debit card, net banking or credit card.