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    Much before this small town of Rajasthan became famous as an education hub, Kota Doria sarees were its claim to fame. Kota sarees have delicately woven square checks on the fabric known as ‘khats.’ The chequered Kota sarees are very popular among women of all groups, owing to their easy care, lightweight and comfort. While Bharat Sthali brings a gorgeous range of Kota sarees online, it was Rao Kishore Singh, a general in the Mughal army who brought the art of weaving and weavers from Mysore in the late 17th century to this quaint town of Rajasthan. The Kota Doria sarees are also called Kota-Masuria or 120i sarees as well. Apart from Kota, Muhammadabad Gohna, Mau in Uttar Pradesh and nearby areas are also famous for its variants of Kota sarees.

    Latest Trend in Kota Cotton Sarees

    The aim is not to bring you the widest, but only authentic and classiest of fabric, patterns and embellishments when it comes to the most beautiful piece of garment a woman can wear.

    Blending the sheen of silk and durability of cotton together, the Kota sarees India are the perfect way to make a classy statement and turn heads without overdoing the bling and compromising on the comfort.

    The Nine Yards of Comfort and Grace

    A saree is always going to be close to a woman’s heart. A modern working woman may not wear saree that often to work or outside, but when it comes to a special occasion, a saree is all that it comes to her mind! The perfect Indian attire, which highlights and brings out the feminine features in you as well as make you feel comfortable in hot and humid weather. With BharatSthali, you can include this classic and never-going-out-of-style Kota Doria sarees to your wardrobe. They are as light as feather and easy to wash as well. Sitting around your waist so neatly and the pallu flowing so lightly, it can be your go-to option for semi-formal gatherings and work wear.

    Get Kota Sarees Online

    The quality of Kota Doria sarees mainly depends on the thread or Doria. The yarn is smeared with onion juice and rice paste to make it strong and neat and this is mainly why it takes more than four hours to weave a Kota saree. No wonder, when the process is completed, a Kota saree doesn’t need extra finishing or effort to make you fall you in love with it.

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