Linen fabric online by the yard

    Available in a range of soothing and pleasant colours, 100% linen fabric by the yard is your go-to option on a hot sweltering summer afternoon to stay comfortable without skimping on the style!

    Linen for summers

    This summer season, add a dash of contemporary comfort and design to your wardrobe and home with 100% linen fabric. Linen material has a beautiful sheen that makes it the perfect choice to wear on daytime events and for workwear too. It becomes more durable, comfortable and flexible with each wash. If you find it to be a bit sheer, give it a wash or two and find it taking the desired texture and shape of you- just as you want it- comfortable and classy! With Bharatsthali’s unstitched linen collection, you can be creative and play along with the flexibility and choices the fabric offers you!

    A wide collection of linen fabric

    Linen fabric is sourced directly from the weavers and is completely organic. It is produced from the fibers of the flax plant and no wonder, is completely aligned with nature! It is comfortable and has a natural happy sheen that doesn’t make you feel out of place in summer as well as keep you at the top of your style game! Formal, casual or western wear, give a twist to your linen fabric online by the yard to the way you want to!

    Direct commercial trading with weavers ensures that you not only get the pure linen fabric online but also the most reasonable prices! Since there are no middle channels involved in the process, you don’t have to pay extra.

    Buy linen fabric online on Bharatsthali and get doorsteps delivery across the world. Pay via debit card, credit card, net banking or Paytm wallet.

    What makes linen fabric the must-have summer essential?

    There is something special about linen. While it is yet to receive the entitlement of official fabric of summer, you can, as if, whiff it along with the daffodils and feel it in the evening breeze. The beautiful and colourful fabric has been at the receiving end of the wrong terminology of bedspreads, but in reality, it is much more than the strung out, freshly laundered and lavender-ed bed sheets and duvet covers.

    Beige linen jumpsuit of Lucy Williams, linen skirt paired with a linen bikini top or Tiffany Hsu sporting her Frankie linen shorts -are blaring testimony to this fabric's potential of keeping you at top of your style game and comfortable.

    If you want to know, what makes linen fabric so special and why this summer you should you drop your denim and make a beeline for linen, here is the lowdown for you!

    Linen lets your skin breathe

    When you wear linen, your skin says 'Thank You' a zillion times over. It is a completely natural fabric and it lets your skin be at ease. Unlike artificial, machine-made fabric that blocks your skin pores, it is the most lucid fabric there is. Since it is a bast fabric, it is lucid and has certain sheen to it, which remains as-is even after several washes.

    Linen is natural

    Made from the stalk of flax plants, it is deemed the classiest and best quality fabric in Europe. It becomes so soft and more comfortable with each use. Unlike cotton fibre, which you can't wear after one season due to lint and pilling, linen remains charming than ever and in fact, vintage linen is still a thing in European families.

    If you are wary of using different fabric due to any allergy, linen is hypo-allergenic and you can wear it without much concern. Wearing a pair of denim in summer can cause rashes and thigh burns. Linen pants or slim-fit trousers however, are a great idea to ace the style game and slip into a comfortable zone.

    Linen is durable

    Some countries use linen threads in currency notes for their strength factor in fact. The threads of linen fabric are longer and thicker, which make the linen fabric quite stronger and more long-lasting than cotton by almost 30 percent.

    Linen is organic

    Your regular pair of denim is laden with over 2,000 chemicals to give it the look it has.  If you purchase a handloom linen fabric, it is completely natural and isn't treated with chemicals at all. The color of handloom linen is procured via turmeric, pomegranate, henna, indigo and some leaves.

    Many people find the wrinkling of cotton and linen fabric a huge turn off, especially if they have to travel a lot and attend a lot of meeting. Linen has lignan, which causes the stiffness and creases of the fabric. However, with repeated use and wash, the fabric tends to become smoother and malleable as per your liking. 

    The USPs such as non-wrinkle, iron-free and sweat-resistant of your formal wear are due to their chemical treatment. A natural fabric, on the other hand, would love the moisture and absorb sweat, without letting the microbes grow.  This is why even you feel comfortable and cool when you wear a fabric like linen in summers.

    Linen interacts with your body well. Your clothes shouldn’t bog you down or make you feel restricted. If taking your clothes off and changing into your shorts is the first thing you do after reaching home, switch to linen and feel the difference. Handloom linen fabric keeps you calm and cool despite the soaring temperature blasting throughout the summer. Stick to floral prints and pastel colours to make the most of your summer days and enjoy the feels of the summer season! 

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    Linen Fabric Online

    Cool and fresh, linen fabric is the unofficial fabric of summer days! Bharatsthali brings you a range of unstitched linen fabric material for men’s wear, women’s wear and upholstery.

    Note: You don't just buy it, But you earn it - 100% pure linen Fabric

    Here we have every color for you. We are a direct manufacturer of linen fabric. Once you will receive this 100% pure linen, you will say WOW - this is the real fabric.