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    Shop for premium Phulkari dupatta online at Bharatsthali. Bharatsthali brings aboard phulkari dupattas - a versatile piece of clothing for a woman of today because you can’t claim to move ahead unless you embrace their story, struggle and story as your own. You can’t leave such a beautiful legacy behind that promises to carve memories for you too.

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    Bharatsthali Phulkari Dupatta Online: Colours of Punjab for your Wardrobe

    Phulkari is the quintessential ‘nayika’ of Punjab –the muse of a poet, the romance of a love struck Ranjha, existential crisis of Amrita Pritam, and a daughter’sdistant memory of the carefree summer she spent with her mother counting the flowers on her dupatta. A work of faith, as Flora Anne Steele would call it, phulkariis a work of keen eye, steady hand and discipline. The pattern isn’t outlined. There is no blueprint but the unwavering focus and coordination between the mind and the hand.

    It is the sheer faith in one’s creativity that brought about an exact pattern in a ritualistic manner on a sprawling landscape of cotton or silk. Phulkari is intertwined in the fertile land of five rivers. The palette of colours competes with rainbows, and the efforts of the weavers bring them closer to the Gods for the meticulous attention and discipline they bring in the embroidery.

    One Stop Place to Buy Punjabi Phulkari Dupattas Online

    More than just being a feminine trait, phulkaris in Punjab have always been a woman’s canvas to convey her unsaid emotions- much before the internet revolutions happened. It is one thing that patriarchy couldn’t dream of snatching away. It is unadulterated celebrations of womanhood and their rites of passage. The women would spin and dye the cotton, do embroidery and wear it when it is ready.

    Shop for Premium Phulkari Dupattas Online

    We are a fair-trade market and direct manufacturers. We have collaborated with local weavers and artisans in Punjab to offer you phulkari dupattas online to your doorsteps all over the world.Our weavers use locally-procured threads and fabric.You can also contact us for Phulkari wholesale fabric collection or customised embroidery online at reasonable rates.

    Punjabi Phulkari has a rich cultural presence behind it.

    Bagh Phulkari: Often a part of the bridal trousseau, a Bagh phulkari is heavily embellished to such an extent that the fabric is barely visible underneath. The embroidery of Bagh phulkari is a time-extensive and manual task. It requires more patience and hence, is costlier. Since it has always been a part of bridal wear, it comes inin a variety of bright, vivacious colour that could match the glow and happiness of a newly-wed couple!

    Darshan Dwar Phulkari: These phulkaris are used during weddings as a humble offering at Gurudwaras and seek His blessings. These often have religious and ethical patterns embroidered on them and quite elaborately.

    Chope: In Punjabi, ‘chope’ means border. Chope phulkari dupatta has straight and simple two-sided line embroidery on both sides. It happens to be the most common phulkari pattern and is available in two colours- gold or yellow. The em-broidery could be a vertical, diagonal or horizontal stitch.

    Mirror Phulkari:The embroidery of a trail of eight-point lotuses adorned with mirrors or a bride’s wedding procession with the glimpses of the mirror here and there.

    At Bharatsthali, the phulkari collection isn’t the satin-clouded fabric but the original coarse cotton or khaddar- as it is colloquially called. Since the embroidery is done with soft silk thread called ‘pat’, it is vital to use a fabric that could sustain the heaviness of the embroidery. We bring you ‘Made in India’ phulkari dupattas that are the benchmark of excellence and beauty. Our collection includes heavy bagh dupattas, chope and mirror phulkari dupattas that can be worn on several occasions- from desk to dusk.