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    Uppada sarees, also known as Uppada pattu is a handcrafted silk saree woven in ikat style in Uppada, Andhra Pradesh. Bharat Sthali brings you 100% authentic Jamdani Uppada silk sarees online that are directly sourced from the weavers.

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    2 products

    Uppada Sarees Online on Bharat Sthali

    While the weaving originated in Bangladesh and travelled all the way to Uppada, the word, ‘Jamdani’ is derived from the Persian language in which ‘Jam’ means flower and ‘Dani’ means a vase. The heritage of India’s saree culture is so rich that even Albert Museum and Victoria Museum of London showcase a fascinating collection of Uppada silk Jamdani sarees. The weaving of Jamdani Uppada sarees can be traced back to 800 years.

    At least three weavers are needed for the weaving process and it could take about 15-60 days, depending on the design and details of the sarees. An original saree is the work of pure silver zari dipped in melted gold on the finest silk fabric.

    The weaving process of an Uppada saree usually involves the laying out of the design, interweaving of the yarns and looming for about ten hours a day. About 40 percent of the weavers in Uppada village are women and the community of the weavers is called Padmasalis. The design of Uppada is so intricate, delicate and unique that it can be folded in a matchbox. It is a manual process completely and is designed on both of the sides. The original Jamdani Uppada saree is lightweight and has much less weight than Dharmavaram sarees and Kanjivaram sarees.

    The Trendy Ethnic Uppada Pattu Sarees

    If you are looking for traditional and heirloom sarees online, is the place to be. With a promise to deliver 100 percent original and high-quality pattu sarees to your doorsteps, we are committed to promoting the fair trade practices. We have directly partnered with artists, Weavers, and craftsmen to bring you Uppada sarees online. When you shop for Uppada sarees on Bharat Sthali, you pay to the Weavers and promote the heritage. No middle channels to eat up on the profits who have been keeping this beautiful and delicate tradition and heritage alive despite the hardships and industrialisation of the textile industry.

    Why Bharat Sthali?

    Buy Uppada pattu sarees online on Bharat Sthali. We value your decision for online saree shopping with us. Given the manual labour, effort and time, the sarees aren’t exactly pocket-friendly but of course indeed worthy to find a place in your wardrobe. Shine like a diva and wear them when you want a hint of glimmer and twinkle in their eyes. Turn heads and let every eye be on you, admire you in the most precious and prized possession that is handcrafted just for you.

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