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Bharatsthali Exports takes pride in being one of India’s premier exporters and manufacturers of plush hand-tufted, hand woven carpets, area rugs, dhurries and Kilims.

The wide variety of traditional and transitional hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs signifies luxury and timeless art. Whether you are looking for fashion-forward rugs or want to transform your space with traditional handmade carpets, we have it all. Bharatsthali has partnered with weavers to bring you exemplary carpets and rugs that suit your space and preference.

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Indian hand-knotted rugs and carpets: Indian hand-knotted rugs have a luxe appeal. Capable of lending a luxurious feel to any decor, this art was brought to India by Akbar in the 16th century to adorn royal palaces. The initial Turkish (Ghiordes) and Persian (Senneh) patterns merged and mingled with Kashmir knots(Jufti) to become the masterpiece we know today.Weaving such carpets require great skill and precision. The price and quality of the carpets are decided by the number of knots used to weave a carpet. More the number of knots per square, the more beautiful the pattern and the more expensive the option. Identifying a hand-knotted rug is extremely easy as it doesn’t have any lining on the backside. Just turn it over and see the extensive detailing and knot on the backside. Usually, the hand-knotted rugs come with tassels and fringe.

Indian handwoven rugs and carpets Exports

: These exclusive Indian handmade rugs are primarily made by artisans in UP, Jammu and Kashmir, Sikkim, Mirzapur and Jharkhand. The exquisite colour and embroidery pattern and elegance make these carpets stand out. Bharatsthali is proud to stand tall and share space with its fellow exporters by contributing to exporting to 70 countries, including France, Italy, Brazil, the U.S, Germany, the U.K. and Canada. Like handloom fabric, handwoven carpets are directly woven on the looms and hence are labour-intensive. The tightness of the weave and density of the yarn are important factors to determine the quality of the woven rugs.

Indian hand-tufted rugs and carpets Manufacturing

: An Indian hand-tufted rug is made using a tufting gun and has a canvas lining underneath. Despite using a tool, it still requires skill and human intervention to craft one. The backing on the carpet is the tell-tale sign of a hand-tufted rug.

The beauty of a hand-knotted and handwoven rug depends on the skills and experience of the artisans. The art of carpet weaving runs in the generation of our artisans. The process of making hand-knotted and handwoven rugs is time-consuming and requires days. Unlike machine-made rugs,the knots and weaves don’t have uniform patterns and this is where the beauty of handwoven and hand-knotted weaves lies. While hand-tufted rugs are made using a mechanised tool, they are still a preferable and better option than synthetic and machine-made carpets.

Each design and weave require a unique manufacturing process and Bharatsthali has undertaken and facilitated eco-friendly and sustainable practices to support the production. While our artisans bring the best of their art to your home, we also ensure that they get the best value in the fair-trade ecosystem initiated by us. By enabling a no-middle-man channel for artisans and tribal artists, Bharatsthali has enabled and empowered employment and avenues that don’t rob them of their talent, skills and compensation. 

Browse through our collection of silk carpets that feel like a paradise underneath your feet. The wool carpets are ideal for cool weather and offer much-needed warmth and depth to your décor. Apart from the handcrafted and hand-knotted range of carpets, you can choose to shop for machine-made carpets or fibre carpets that are affordable and require less maintenance.

Besides customised rugs options, contactless hassle-free delivery worldwide, and competitive pricing, Bharatsthali Exports’ rugs are known for their ethical and sustainable practices. We abide by social and legal compliance and ensure a child labour-free working environment.

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Our carpets are exported across the world to upscale homes and stores. Conceptualized to create a niche in the tapestry industry, Bharatsthali bridges the gap between artisans and your space. We also take customized orders for area rugs.Our rugs come with a 6 to 24 months warranty, based on their price and weave type. From production to dispatch, our rugs go through a rigorous quality check. If you want to know more about our rugs and our eco-friendly sustainable practices or personalized guidance for your space, write to us at

We are the preferred choice of interior designers and wholesale rug dealers. Our comprehensive and price-inclusive range of carpets and area rugs ensures that everybody can transform their houses without a second thought. Here’s your chance to adorn your space with ethically conscious and as beautiful as humanely possible rugs with Bharatsthali! Go for it!