Fabric Care Guide

Fabric care of Bharat Sthali Sarees

Bharat Sthali takes pride in offering handcrafted sarees and handlooms. The sarees are crafted using the highest quality of natural fibres. As the traditional Japanese principle of aesthetics Wabi-Sabi would have it, the irregularities and variations in textures and raw finish are the trademark of a handloom, which also makes your handloom saree an heirloom and a prized possession too. Creating each product is a time-consuming task, however, caring for them isn’t. With little care and effort, you can extend the life of sarees and preserve their colour and sheen for longer periods, maybe even years or forever!

Wash care for Bharat Sthali Cotton Sarees:

Cotton sarees online on Bharat Sthali are 100 percent. They are lightweight sarees and comfortable too. This absorbent fiber can also be machine-made, but then it would lack the beauty of handmade weave. Besides, the handmade cotton sarees are cooler and more breathable as well, which means that you can wear the saree in the summers to keep you cool and in winters to make you feel warm. The variations in texture give a rustic and charming feel to the saree. If are buying a cotton saree online, follow these guidelines.


Cotton as a fibre is soft yet robust. It can take several rounds of laundering in a washing machine on a gentle cycle too. The more it is washed, softer and more breathable it becomes. However, it is advised that a first few washes need to be dry cleaned or you should wash them manually in a mild detergent.


The cotton fabric on Bharat Sthali is repeatedly washed and cleaned to avoid further shrinkage. However, expect an extra shrinkage in printed cotton sarees of about 8 percent.

Precautions while Laundering

Wash them inside out. Wash dark colours separately.

Always use non-chlorine bleach for cotton sarees online.

If you don’t want the sarees to end up like a wrinkled and creased mess, spread them in the shade while still damp. You can iron the sarees at that time too.

Never dry your cotton sarees under the direct sun. It can fade the colours away.

Fabric Care for Silk Sarees

The lustre and sheen of silk sarees are unmatchable. Art silk and soft silk sarees can be washed manually. However, we strictly recommend dry cleaning for handloom sarees and powerloom silk sarees.

The silk fabric is the weakest when it is washed and wet. Your washing machine certainly isn’t the place for your silk sarees.

Gentle ironing on medium temperature is recommended. Don’t water spray as it can leave a water stain on the silk fabric.

Naphthalene balls can leave stains on your silk sarees.

Don’t hang them and keep them folded in a muslin cloth.

Keep changing the folds of stored silk sarees on a regular basis to avoid creasing.

Keep your sarees in a clean and dry place. Moisture is bad for your silk sarees.


Please Note:

Don’t forget to refer to the wash care instructions given along with the product description.