Weavers Craft Techniques In India at BharatSthali

Pure Handloom Weaving in India. You may look at some of our fine weaving arts executed at our villages in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Bihar, and Karnataka.

Silk Weaving

Desi Silk Weaving

Pure Silk

Ethinic crafted villages in Indian doing some fine arts weaving in Tamilnadu. They work for 4-7 days to prepare just one pure handloom silk saree and you will be surprised to know that these people are following these techniques since ancient Indian times. Every saree has some emotions and story behind that.

Pure Fabric Crafting

Desi Raw-Silk

Pure Silk

Bihar is always rich in its history and tradition and we have pure bihari local crafted sarees following ancient machinaries and techniques.

Trendy Linen

Desi Pure Raw-Silk

Raw Silk Weaving

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