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Explore the gorgeous range of raw silk fabric at wholesale market in Bangalore Chickpet area. The village texture and lustrous feel of pure silk fabric make the fabric a class apart and luxurious.

Here we have every color for you. We are a direct manufacturer of raw silk fabric for all over world export of raw silk from Bangalore.

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Wholesale / Export Raw Silk fabric in Bangalore

It is the extraction process that makes raw silk lustrous and so bright in colour. Extremely popular with the silk mavens, raw silk fabric is just the right amount of bright and opulence. The raw silk fabric has excellent dyeing capabilities, letting you play along with your colourful side. Besides, it has a high moisture absorption, meaning no sweat patches and no embarrassment! Our wholesale raw silk fabric is taking huge popularity in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore parts of India.

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The glimmer and glisten of silk are unmatchable and speaks volume of rich taste. Bharatsthali, your one-stop online wholesale direct fabric shop brings you a motley of silk fabric online. Whether you want to get a kurta stitched or looking for drapes for your living room, here is the silk fabric that caters to your every need and fits in your budget.

Direct from Manufacturers of Raw Silk in India

A comprehensive range of wholesale silk material in Bangalore Chickpet area is offered at best prices for transport in Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and with best in class design. From solid colours to intricate motifs on fabric, silk is available in every form imaginable at Banarasi Das & Sons. Find a varied range of Shantung silk, tussar silk, chanderi fabric, mashru silk and jamdani silk fabric available in Indore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Hyderabad at your fingertips! Browse through and get creative! Whether you want the fabric to stitch a beautiful lehenga for a wedding in Chandigarh, Pune, Delhi or want to have elegant casual wear, silk is the answer to all your wardrobe dilemmas and Bharatsthali is your one-stop destination to find pure silk fabric at reasonable prices.

Why Banarasi Das & Sons for Fabric in Bangalore?

Bharatsthali sources silk directly from the weavers or Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore and Kolkata. Since there are no middle channels involved, you don’t need to worry about paying extra or getting a sub-standard quality. Bharatsthali is the guarantee of stringent quality standards and fair price. If you are searching for pure silk fabric online, look no further! The silk comes with the certificate of Silk Mark India, Delhi, ensuring that silk fabric is the gold standard.

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The irregularity in the threads and pattern give raw silk a unique charm while also being its signature quality. Come to Bharatsthali in Chandigarh, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai or Hyderabad and get your favorite style draped and wrapped in pure raw silk fabric online. The raw silk is little thick in feel yet elegant and opulent. People who find silk a bit too lucid for their taste, they might find raw silk perfect for their office wear, casual and western wear. Raw silk is durable and with every wash, it outshines itself.

Choose Bharatsthali for unstitched fabric needs

Bharatsthali partners with weavers and artists directly in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai and Chandigarh to bring you a range of unstitched raw silk material online. Check out the collection and find your favorites here. Whether you want a salwar suit, kurta or a skirt crafted out of raw silk, this online wholesale fabric store at Bharatsthali is your destination. The direct dealing ensures fair trade, which translates into the best value for money for the customers and best prices for the weavers. At our end, it means we can facilitate the stringent quality control to bring only the pure fabric for you.

Browse through the wonderful and irresistible world of raw silk that awaits you at your fingertips. Buy wholesale raw silk fabric online with us and get doorsteps delivery in Indore, Surat, Kolkata, Vizag and all over the world. Pay online via debit card, credit card, net banking or Paytm card.

We also have worldwide delivery of our fabrics where Canada, United States, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom has become popular destinations for raw fabrics.