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Gift Your Wife a Beautiful Saree

In the Indian context, a wife is the personification of Goddess Laxmi, who brings prosperity and happiness to your home and whom you personify in a red silk saree and decked up in loads of jewellery.

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  1. AMODINI - Green And Rose Pink Pure Silk Saree

    Rs. 11,374.09 Rs. 16,248.70
    Your save 30%
  2. ANVITHA - Forest Green And Red Soft Silk Saree

    Rs. 11,192.09 Rs. 15,988.70
    Your save 30%
  3. DIVIJA - Red And Fire Orange Pure Silk Saree

    Rs. 11,402.30 Rs. 16,289.00
    Your save 30%
  4. ELAKSHI - Navy Blue And Magenta Soft Silk Saree

    Rs. 14,332.50 Rs. 20,475.00
    Your save 30%
  5. KARVI - Shamrock Green Pure Soft Silk Handloom Saree

    Rs. 14,195.09 Rs. 20,278.70
    Your save 30%
  6. JOVAKI - Ruby Pink With Jute Pallu Raw Silk Saree

    Rs. 12,285.00 Rs. 17,550.00
    Your save 30%
  7. MAANVI - Blue And Green Pure Crepe Silk Saree

    Rs. 9,782.50 Rs. 13,975.00
    Your save 30%
  8. MOHAK - Crimson Pink Pure Crepe Silk

    Rs. 10,692.50 Rs. 15,275.00
    Your save 30%
  9. MADHUR - Red And Jade Green Pure Crepe Silk Saree

    Rs. 8,872.50 Rs. 12,675.00
    Your save 30%
  10. MORVI - Hot Pink And Blue Pure Crepe Silk Saree

    Rs. 7,962.50 Rs. 11,375.00
    Your save 30%
  11. MINALI - Black Red Pure Crepe Silk Saree

    Rs. 13,195.00 Rs. 18,850.00
    Your save 30%
  12. MRIDU - Crimson Red And Green Pure Mysore Silk

    Rs. 7,826.00 Rs. 11,180.00
    Your save 30%
  13. MESHA - Pure Mysore Silk Pear Green And Blue

    Rs. 7,735.00 Rs. 11,050.00
    Your save 30%
  14. MANIMA - SkyBlue Pure Mysore Silk Handloom Saree

    Rs. 8,736.00 Rs. 12,480.00
    Your save 30%
  15. MODAKI - Golden Yellow Green Pure Mysore Silk Saree

    Rs. 8,736.00 Rs. 12,480.00
    Your save 30%
  16. HAMASWETHA - Red And blue Printed in Raw Silk

    Rs. 8,417.50 Rs. 12,025.00
    Your save 30%
  17. HAMSAGAMINI - Beige Red Printed In Dupion Raw Silk

    Rs. 9,100.00 Rs. 13,000.00
    Your save 30%

Items 1-40 of 107

Set Descending Direction

Finest Sarees for a Loving Wife Online @ BharatSthali

Olive Green Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 8,750.00 Rs. 12,500.00
Lime Green Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 16,450.00 Rs. 23,500.00
Bottle Green Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 8,890.00 Rs. 12,700.00
Candy Pink Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 10,850.00 Rs. 15,500.00
Dark Grey Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 9,660.00 Rs. 13,800.00
Pista Green Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 12,740.00 Rs. 18,200.00
Peach Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 11,760.00 Rs. 16,800.00
Dark Pink Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 12,740.00 Rs. 18,200.00
Pista Green Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 13,650.00 Rs. 19,500.00
Black Pure Chanderi Saree
Rs. 12,460.00 Rs. 17,800.00
Offwhite Chandheri Saree
Rs. 10,290.00 Rs. 14,700.00
Silver Zari Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 14,350.00 Rs. 20,500.00
Ivory Pure Chandheri Saree
Rs. 13,090.00 Rs. 18,700.00
Cream Pure Chandheri Silk Saree
Rs. 12,740.00 Rs. 18,200.00


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Buy Saree For Wife for Karwa Chauth

A saree is an integral part of an Indian woman’s lifestyle. It becomes one especially when she gets married and becomes the partner for life, for good and bad, and in health and sickness.

Your wife is the one who transforms your house into a lovely home. Even though she is working, she would make sure that your comfort and luxury isn’t compromised a bit. Being with her has given you a lifetime of beautiful moments, both good and bad and happy and sad. Such an amazing partner, don’t you think, needs to be valued and appreciated more often and not just on a few occasions like Karwa Chauth or your awaited Anniversary?

Celebrate your journey of marital bliss with BharatSthali

On a lighter note, it is said that women can’t have enough when it comes to clothes and jewellery. BharatSthali has got you covered on the former front. Bringing you a range of online saree India at your fingertips, you can now gift your wife a beautiful saree without going anywhere. For, we understand how frustrating it can be for you to search for the perfect saree for wife from a shop to another, especially when it is a weekend and a cricket match is on. Not to mention the haggling with the salesmen and dealing with all that cross-selling happening in the store.

Why BharatSthali for Karwa Chauth Sarees?

Even after going through this ordeal you can never be sure that your lovely wife is going to like the saree you bought for her or you won’t get into an endless discussion for the price you have paid for it. This is why you need to shop for sarees online on Bharat Sthali. A wide selection of sarees online is available in silk, georgette, chiffon, cotton, chanderi, pure linen, Jamdani and many more varieties. Whether there is an occasion or you simply forgot that there was one, here are the sarees online India to show her that you love and care for her.

Buy sarees for wife on Bharat Sthali and get 100 percent authentic products delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in India or the world! While you are at it, don’t forget to avail online saree shopping India options such as Cash on Delivery and a 7-day returns guarantee offered on selected products.

What Our Recent Customers Are Saying for Sarees Delivered to them.

It was wonderful to order from your website the delivery was on time and loved the color and material.

By : Tanya Sinha

I am just adding on the collection to my wardrobe. Amazing collection, I must say!

By : Rukmani Reddy