Scholarships by BharatSthali

BharatSthali takes you through a journey of the rich heritage of India while bringing you the regional specialty and character with each fabric. Time travel through the passages of history and discover the finest of crafts and the best of weaving with us. Our USP is that our customer base is increasing day by day as we help them create memories to cherish forever.

To celebrate this happiness, every year we organize a scholarship program to help students to pay their tuition fees for the courses of studies.

Are you the one who can weave magic in words? Are you an out-of-the-box thinker? Do you have the writer’s spirit in you? Come and participate in the scholarship.

BharatSthali is doing efforts to reward students through scholarship in content writing and internet marketing of $2,000. Other than the winner, the top 2 deserving candidates will also get a consolation prize in the form of gifts vouchers.

Application Form - Click Here

Submission Deadline - October 1st, 2018

Total Number of Applications till now - 53

Scholarship Online

The Process to Apply:-

Students have to write four articles of 2000 words each on "Fashion Trends Online".

Points to be considered to Submit Application Form

  1. All the information filled in the form must be Correct.
  2. Use your college/personal email id only.
  3. Submit the content in the application form only.

Eligibility standards for Fashion Marketing $2000 Scholarship

To win this scholarship, one should:

  • Must be enrolled in some course through university or college.
  • Basically In a year of study
  • Produce original and creative content
  • Be Grammatically correct


Click here to submit the form. All the information has to be correct and true to one’s knowledge.

In the case of queries, you can Email us and we will get back to you ASAP. Good Luck!

Note:- You can read our blogs articles for the better understanding



Total Number of Applications till now - 45

Testimonials from past scholarship winners

Hello my name is Alanna Hill and I was selected as one of two recipients for the Far North Coast Law Society Scholarship for 2016. I write to you today to show my gratitude and thanks for the support and opportunity.Firstly, thank you for selecting me to be a recipient for the scholarship as I know there were multiple applicants, it truly makes me feel appreciated for my efforts throughout my degree.

Allana Hill
Southern Cross University
I cannot say thank you enough for your site. Fantastic and wonderful! It is the bridge for the students of financial in need to have the opportunity to go ahead. I call more and more people and organizations to sponsor such sites!
James Smith
Pune Community College